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Posted on May 30th, 2008 by .

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The launch sequence for blast off to the Hinterland has started. Sunday morning the Charter Wagon will be headed out of dodge with the Polar Bear in tow. I could have shipped the boat north along with the new travel trailer, but the little bit of savings by towing it north will help keep us from having to institute a fuel surcharge this summer. This summer every little bit is going to count with fuel prices going thru the roof.

Here’s how the drive works:
Bellingham to Prince Rupert-961 Miles
Alaska Marine Highway, Prince Rupert to Ketchikan, 6 hours
Ketchikan to Prince of Wales Island, 3 hours
Hollis to Craig, 35 miles


Aside from a few whoop-dee-doos and potholes along the journey, it’s fairly easy driving all the way thru BC. The scenery from Prince George to Prince Rupert is to die for and it’s hard to keep the rig between the lines there’s so much incredible scenery to look at. Hopefully I’ll be able to snap some pictures along the way to highlight just how spectacular northern BC really is.

I’m towing roughly 8500 pounds with a tired old 99 Suburban with a 350 under the hood, that’s a 5.7 litre for the non motorheads in the group. The new power package from 4 Wheel Parts is going to help a bunch, however, and I’m confident that the trip will happen without a hitch (knock on wood). The Wagon has vinyl seats, manual windows, and is as simple a machine as you can find. Half the power door locks don’t work and sometimes you can start it without the key…the perfect Alaskan Charter Wagon!

Loaded into the Charter Wagon is a coolor full of food and beverages and I’ll stop at the border to pick up some Macanudo cigars to help get thru the boredom. The Sirius cranks out a combination of Raw Dog Comedy, Classic Rewind, Octane, Prime Country, 90’s Alternative, Some 80’s Butt Rock Station, Bloomberg Radio, and whatever else I can find to pass the hours.

Only 327 things to do before departure Sunday morning, so I better git while the gitt’ns good. More later


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