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* July 16th Fishing Report

Posted on July 16th, 2009 by .

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Nothing like a total computer crash in the middle of summer to keep things interesting.  Luckily I was able to send the toasted computer and a brand new one to a friend, Michael Parker, in Seattle who transferred everything over for us and got it shipped right back.  Thank you for the help Mike!

Fishing has been a far sight better than last season and the weather here in Craig has also been darned pleasent.  We’re hitting anywhere from 10 silvers per boat a day to full limits and every day and every tide seems to be different.  The king salmon fishing has also yo-yo’d up and down quite a bit, but there have been some huge king salmon hitting the docks here in Craig lately and when you hook up you just never know how big a king it will be.  Our boats have had quite a few in the mid 30’s, one in the low 40’s, and we’ve heard of at least half a dozen over 50 pounds and a few more over 60 pounds.  That’s right…60 pounds!  The leader in the Craig Derby right now is a 60 pounder. 

While there’s no shortage of chicken halibut around we really haven’t had many big halibut this summer.  Calm seas the last two days allowed all three boats to roam offshore and we found plentiful ling cod and yelloweye but very few halibut of any size.  The nice thing about the chicken halibut, however, is that we can target salmon all morning and then grab a quick limit of these great eating fish on the way home. 

Tim Linderman with one of the two king salmon he caught over 30 pounds

Tim Linderman with one of the two king salmon he caught over 30 pounds

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