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* June 10, 2012 Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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Thanks for checking out our first Prince of Wales Sportfishing report of the 2012 season here in Craig, Alaska. This past week has been all about shaking down the boat and doing a bunch of scouting for king salmon out in the islands. I had my usual crew of Steve Maris, Jim Heins, Scott Sypher, and Michael Parker in for some fun fishing before the real work begins in a couple of days.

King salmon fishing has been fairly slow here overall. We’ve been lucky enough to stumble into a few fairly decent bites the last few days out there though. I hate to admit it but we’ve been using my new Cannon downriggers to cover a lot of water and find fish. Not to worry…we’ll still be mooching. The downriggers have allowed us to cover about ten times more water than we normally would and it’s been a valuable asset this early in the season. Several of the other top charters in town have added downriggers to their boats and are seeing the same results.

A couple of days ago we hooked a few fish trolling in an area and we were marking quite a few king salmon, so we broke out the mooching gear and were able to hook several more on cut plug herring before the bite shut off. Pretty darned fun!

It seems like the fishing has been getting a little better every day and there’s news of lots of king salmon to the north of us. It’s just a matter of time before those fish move down into our waters and then we should see very solid king salmon fishing.

Here’s the gang with yesterdays limit of king salmon. We had limits 3 of the last 4 days out there. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good!

Check out Steve’s football king. This one was a white king that was shaped more like a yellowfin tuna.

Scott Sypher is always Mr. Lucky up here. On the first day he nailed a 27 pound king and a 34 pound halibut.

We spent one day bouncing around offshore in search of nasty critters like these big lingcod. This years ling cod slot limit is one ling between 30 and 45 inches and another one over 55 inches if you’re lucky enough to hook into a beast like that. It’s huge improvement from the old 30 to 35 inch slot limit we’ve had here for several years.

Jim “Bucket” Heins with a big yelloweye he picked up on one of the offshore pinnacles.

I’ll do my best to keep the photos coming over the course of the summer. This is a good place to highlight some of the great fishing we have here in Craig, Alaska. It’s a pretty darned fun place to spend the summer and I’m excited about our fishing prospects for 2012!

Captain Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Charters

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