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* Winter Troll Fishery Off to Good Start

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I constantly monitor the fishery data that comes out of Southeast Alaska as it pertains to our fishery in Craig and this totally awesome piece of news just landed in my email inbox about the winter commercial troll fishery that’s underway right now.

One of the many indicators that ADF&G uses to determine Chinook abundance in Southeast Alaska is the winter troll fishery that started about a month ago. So far in the troll season it’s the best fishing the commercial troll fleet has seen in the last 20 years. As of right now the catch is three times greater than the 10 year average for this fishery and that spells good news for the summer of 2014. The data from ADF&G points towards the best winter troll fishery in over 20 years!

The Chinook the trollers are catching right now are the “feeders” that make up the bulk of our Chinook fishery in Craig in the early part of the summer. Of course by the time they reach us in Craig, Alaska they aren’t feeders anymore but full-fledged adult king salmon.

If you were with us in 2013 you got to witness some of the most amazing king salmon fishing most of us have ever seen. Many of the salty old veterans that have fished our waters for close to 30 years say it was by far the best they had ever seen. I don’t want to jinx us…but the summer of 2014 could be just as good!

In between chasing mule deer, duck hunting, and river trips here in Washington this fall I’m already pining to be back on the water in Craig soaking a herring for king salmon. It just doesn’t get much better than that!

We’ve still got some prime June dates open for 2014 if you’re interested in a trip like this. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll keep you posted when we get some more news. Ciao!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

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* 2013 King Salmon Limits Announced

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The Alaska Department of Fish and Game just announced the king salmon limits for recreational fishing in Southeast Alaska. Here’s how the recreational limits play out for non-resident anglers fishing in Southeast Alaska in 2013:

January 1- June 30 – Nonresident’s harvest limit is three king salmon 28 inches or greater in length;

July 1 – July 15 – Nonresident’s harvest limit is two king salmon, 28 inches or greater in length, and any king salmon harvested by the nonresident from January 1 through June 30 will apply toward the two fish harvest limit.

July 16 – December 31 – Nonresident’s harvest limit is one king salmon 28 inches or greater in length, and any king salmon harvested by the nonresident from January 1 through July 15 will apply toward the one fish harvest limit.

I’ve always been one to let all of our customers know what the limits are before they arrive in Alaska so they aren’t greeted with a big “surprise” when they step off the plane. It’s just good business if you ask me.

We’re experiencing a decrease in the king salmon limits this year because the Chinook Abundance Index, which is the barometer used to gauge the king salmon runs in Southeast Alaska, came in at 1.20. We’ve seen the index go as high as 1.69 in 2011 and as low as 1.07 in 2008. When the index hit’s a certain level it automatically triggers a set of recreational limits as set forth in the Salmon Treaty between the U.S. and Canada.

Even on years when the abundance index has been very low we’ve still experienced spectacular king salmon fishing in the waters around Craig, Alaska. I’m always a “glass half full” kind of guy and I see this as a great opportunity to harvest a nice king salmon in late July and early August when the big boys are around. Heck, you’ll probably get to catch and release a few other king salmon in between hooking silvers, halibut, ling cod, bottomfish, and all the other fish that you might catch with us on your trip.

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

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