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* Vedder’s “Coho Chaos” Article Now Online

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I just updated the press page on the website with an article that my good friend Dave Vedder wrote for Saltwater Sportsman magazine back in 2009 aptly titled…”Coho Chaos”. It’s uploaded as a .PDF and you’ll have to use your viewer to zoom in on the read. Vedder fishes with us just about every summer and we have a ball with this guy. Here’s a link to the article…“Coho Chaos – Saltwater Sportsman Magazine”.

I’m already busy plugging groups into the 2014 fishing calendar for next summer. If you want to have some fun fishing in Southeast Alaska next summer give me a shout at 888-843-4746 or you can shoot us an email from our Contact page on the website. We’d love to see you in Alaska next summer!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Charters

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* Hot Silver Fishing Continues in Craig, Alaska

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It seems as though just about everywhere we go lately there’s at least a few silvers to be caught and some of the better spots have been really hot. Mooching cut plug herring in a swarm of silver salmon is a thrill that you’ll never forget. One second they’re going this way, the next you think you lost it, and seconds later they are jumping on the other side of the boat. Such is silver fishing in Craig, Alaska!

Here’s the Lynden boys after a great day of fishing in Craig, Alaska with Prince of Wales Sportfishing.

Bob Reed caught this 44 3/4 inch ling cod aboard the Polar Bear the other day. Multiple measurements confirmed that this was indeed a keeper within the 30 to 45 inch slot limit. Nice one Bob!

And then lucky Bob followed it up with an awesome 36 pound king salmon that went totally berserk…thrashing all over the surface before falling to the net. There’s still a few of these big dudes around to keep things interesting!

Bob Tessier with a chunky silver salmon that he caught on a morning bite off Noyes Island.

Outdoor writer Dave Vedder caught a ton of fish while he was here. The one that bit this herring eluded him however : )

We’ve had some windy conditions off and on for the last week which have prevented us from spending a ton of time on the ocean. Nothing major…just a little sloppy on the ocean. Luckily there’s plenty of cohos in the islands and we’ve found some halibut in protected waters. Halibut fishing just off the coast has been decent, however, and on most days we’ve been able to get limits of chicken halibut fairly quickly. On calm days, well, the skies the limit!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Charters

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* Fishing Still Rock Solid in Mid-July

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Fishing remains stellar here in Craig, Alaska with daily limits of silver salmon and a few king salmon mixed in to keep things interesting. In addition to great salmon fishing the halibut fishing has also been outstanding with quick limits on most days.

Here’s the Hall’s and Ansolabehere’s with limits of silver salmon, halibut, and the remainder of their punches of ling cod and yelloweye rockfish.

Chris and Dan picked up nice 44 and 42 inch halibut with Capt. Rafael yesterday.

Lings are fond of the pipe jigs that dad builds for me every spring. These are 16 ouncers that we tip with a little salmon belly meat. Very lethal rig for lings, yelloweye, and halibut! Jack Hall was very happy about catching this fatty.

The reason it was so fat…a nice dusky rockfish digesting in it’s big, fat belly. Lings are voracious feeders and will feed on just about anything…including a copper pipe with some lead in it!

Fishing remains awesome here in Craig and we’re all back out on the water again tomorrow. The forecast looks great for the next few days with diminishing seas and wind. It’s Hammer Time!

Good fishing to you!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing

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* Variety is the Spice of Life!

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The last couple of days have all about the variety for us. We even made a few drops on some rocky structure yesterday in search of a vermillion rockfish for one of our guests, Bob DeLong.

Here’s Jim Coe with the nice 33 pound king salmon he caught with us a couple days ago. There’s been a few larger Chinook showing up in our waters the last few days and we even got word of a 63 pounder being caught by another one of the lodge operations near Craig. Yowza! We ran into a couple of big schools of kings yesterday that tore us up before moving on. Fun stuff!

Chuck, Bob, Jeff, and Jim with a Tyee and some nice bottomfish to round out the day. Bob’s ling cod was about as close to the 45″ slot limit as you can get…what a hawg! We also caught plenty of silver salmon on this particular day.

This is the red Irish lord sculpin that will sometimes latch onto a cut plug herring. They have spectacular colors for a lowly old bullhead. Very cool fish!

Fishing remains excellent here in Craig, Alaska. We’ve got great numbers of silver salmon around and the king numbers are starting to rebuild again.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing

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* Fishing, Fireworks, and some Family Time

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Elliott Green had the Midas touch on this last rotation. For some reason his rod nearly always had a fish of some sort on the end of it and on the last day, well, this awesome 32 pound Chinook decided to turn his cut plug herring into breakfast. Way to go Elliott and we’re looking forward to seeing you again next year!

Aaron DeWeese and her husband Kim enjoyed three days of phenomenal fishing, as well. Here’s Aaron with a nice 24 pound king salmon that she caught at Pineapple Rock on the last day of their trip.

Here’s Elliott again with a 42 inch long ling cod. We had two ling cod and an 80 pound halibut on at the same time that made one helluva mess out of the lines. Luckily I untangle lines for a living and was able to sort out the mess fairly quickly and we landed all three fish. The nice halibut was released, of course, as it was in between the 45/68 slot limit. Still a lot of fun though!

I enjoyed a few hours of fishing with the family after dinner last night near town. Funny thing…we mostly just set the rods in the holders hoping to NOT catch fish and low and behold…we did!

52 and 70 feet seemed to be the best depth because we caught a king and 8 nice cohos setting the cut plugs at those depths. Little Ava really enjoyed herself and got her sea legs under her right quick. I’m a lucky guy!

Enjoying a couple of days off to spend some time with the family and catch up on chores before our next gang of fisherman shows up here on the 4th of July. We’re hoping the weather cooperates tonight so we can take the boat out for the great fireworks display that Craig puts on every year. Have a great 4th of July everyone and thanks for stopping by!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Charters

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* June 16th Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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These are the kind of sonar images we like to see this time of year. Kings, kings, and more kings!

Most of the kings we’re catching right now are in the 15 to 25 pound range. There are, however, a few larger king salmon mixed in with the herd. Mike Campbell from Lowrance electronics was lucky enough to catch this 41 pound king salmon on a mooched cut plug herring a couple days ago aboard the Polar Bear with Rob Endsley.

Campbell and Jay Field with a beautiful Chinook that Jay caught on the Polar Bear. Jay runs Dash One Charters in the San Juan Island and also the massive Anacortes Salmon Derby down in Washington state. Both of these guys were a kick to have on the boat!

Mike Schnettler from Lowrance electronics with another chrome king salmon from the outside of Noyes Island. For a walleye fisherman from Minnesota ol’ Mikey could sure stroke the kings.

We’ve had excellent sea conditions and smoking hot king salmon fishing here in Craig recently. It’s also been nice to see some coho’s showing up out in the ocean. It’s awful early to be seeing them around and it might point to a big run of silvers this summer!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting Prince of Wales Sportfishing and good fishing to you!

Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Charters

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* June 16, 2012 Prince of Wales Sportfishing Report

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The king salmon run continues to build here in Craig and fishing has been pretty darned good the last few days for us. The average fish has been in the 15 to 22 pound range with a few in the mid to upper twenties mixed in. We haven’t heard of too many big fish caught yet, but I’m sure we’ll start seeing a few bigger fish soon!

Here’s Sally Kvam with a nice king salmon she caught off Noyes Island a couple of days ago.

John with the nice salmon head he landed two days ago. It’s all that was left after a big bull sea lion ran off with the rest of his king salmon!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Charters

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* -July 21st Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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Bret Thurman, aka “Vinny Testosteroni”, caught the last king of the summer that we were able to bonk, just before the closure on July 16th. While it wasn’t an exceptionally huge king it was special, well, because it was the last one. Since July 16th our three boats have been catching about twice as many kings as they were prior…go figure!
We’ve been working a bay for silvers lately that we’re calling “all day bay” because we’ve been parking there first thing in the morning and not leaving. The fishing isn’t red hot, but the bay snaps a few times throughout the day and if you’re there when it does the action can be pretty hot. There’s also some kings mixed in with the silvers and we released two nice kings in there yesterday. Silvers continue to move in from the ocean and we’re hopeful they start to concentrate in a few other areas, as it won’t take long for this little bay to catch on with the fleet, if it hasn’t already. Most of the king haunts are pretty much vacant of pressure now and if our guests want to cnr kings you don’t have to ask me twice.
It’s rare to catch our silvers very shallow, as they always seem to be between 60 and 120 feet. Bonsai Bay, or All Day Bay as we’re calling it, is loaded with bottom hugging candlefish and the silvers are cruising the bottom, rustling them out of the sand for an easy meal. For the most part chartruese leads seem to be getting more hits than the orange leads, but that might also go with the fisherman working the stick.
Halibut fishing continues to be very good when the wind isn’t howling. We spent two of the last three days fishing in gale force winds with torrential rain and I spent most of the day yesterday by myself on the back deck working the gear while the fellars enjoyed the new cabin heating system. Ron, the gent holding the two silvers below, had a severe stroke two years ago that kept him from coming up last summer. He was back in the saddle this summer, however, and whacked the fish leaving his rod in the holder and dashing out of the cabin whenever he got a bite.
While we fished for salmon yesterday the paper-rock-scissor crew (they lost) and Capt. Kim ventured to the ocean despite the winds and hammered a big load of fish and chips. He and the crew jigged the ridge I talked about in one of my blogs and caught halibut to 155 lbs and a mess of ling cod, some of them pushing 5 feet in length. Capt Gary got Keith into the 105 lb halibut below 5 days ago fishing a hump in 250 feet of water with meat rigs. We usually don’t make a fuss over big halibut, but there seems to be plenty of them cruising around our inshore bottomfish haunts this year.

We’ve had guests from Washington, Colorado, California, and Arizona this past week and I hope to see many of them back next summer. Thank you all for joining us!


Kim Benson with one of her kings.  Women always catch more fish!

Kim Benson with one of her kings. Women always catch more fish!

Phil and the gang with a load of fish and chips

Phil and the gang with a load of fish and chipsBret Thurman with a king he picked up in the ocean




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