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* Fishing Still Rock Solid in Mid-July

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Fishing remains stellar here in Craig, Alaska with daily limits of silver salmon and a few king salmon mixed in to keep things interesting. In addition to great salmon fishing the halibut fishing has also been outstanding with quick limits on most days.

Here’s the Hall’s and Ansolabehere’s with limits of silver salmon, halibut, and the remainder of their punches of ling cod and yelloweye rockfish.

Chris and Dan picked up nice 44 and 42 inch halibut with Capt. Rafael yesterday.

Lings are fond of the pipe jigs that dad builds for me every spring. These are 16 ouncers that we tip with a little salmon belly meat. Very lethal rig for lings, yelloweye, and halibut! Jack Hall was very happy about catching this fatty.

The reason it was so fat…a nice dusky rockfish digesting in it’s big, fat belly. Lings are voracious feeders and will feed on just about anything…including a copper pipe with some lead in it!

Fishing remains awesome here in Craig and we’re all back out on the water again tomorrow. The forecast looks great for the next few days with diminishing seas and wind. It’s Hammer Time!

Good fishing to you!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing

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* 2013 Southeast Alaska Charter Season Draws Near

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Aaah….I just tied my last mooching leader for the upcoming fishing charter season in Craig, Alaska. Shame on me for not getting this done during football season. The Seahawks were so fun to watch last fall that I hardly had time to tie leaders during the games. With all the moves the Seahawks have been making next fall could be even better!

I used to tie all my leaders with a 5/0 hook in the front and a 4/0 trailer and now I’m just using straight 4/0’s for everything. The larger 5/0 hook was great for holding the front of the cut plug herring, but the larger size made it a little more difficult to drive the hook home on a king or silver salmon. The 4/0’s seem to set the hook themselves. Some of the other charter captains run straight 5/0’s, some run a 4/0 with a 3/0 trailer and they all catch plenty of fish. The straight 4/0’s just seem to work a little better for me.

And yes, I’m a huge fan of Mustad hooks. In Alaska I use Mustad 92568 black nickel hooks, which are 2X strong hooks that hold up to the wide variety of fish that our guests might hook while we’re mooching for salmon. In Washington, however, I pretty much stick with the Mustad 92604 fine wire bait hook whenever I’m using herring. All of these hooks are super sticky sharp and they work great…or I wouldn’t use them.

Troy’s new North River is in Washington right now getting it’s full compliment of Lowrance electronics installed and then it’ll be headed for the barge next week. In the meantime I’m as busy as ever loading up on supplies and trying to get some quality time in with the family before heading north here soon.

I’ve talked to a few of the guys in Craig the last couple of weeks and there’s already some king salmon showing up around town. A troller friend had a solid catch on his last trip of the winter season last week and I’m crossing my fingers that more king salmon will right behind the fish that he found off the coast. In the meantime there’s lots of work to do to get things ready for this summer.

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Charters

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