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* August 27, 2012 Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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The coho fishing held up just long enough to have some pretty good action for our last group of guests of the season. We had easy limits the first morning of their trip and then finished up with 20 cohos and 14 cohos the next two days. Some of the fish, including Bob’s beautiful 14 pounder shown below, were soooo fat and nasty. These big August silvers fight just as good as some of the June king salmon we catch around these parts. Strong runs and acrobatic jumps make for some serious fun!

Here’s Bob’s big silver salmon…

Strong winds made halibut fishing a little difficult two of our last three days. On day three we found some nice halibut in the islands and Dan Martin hooked up on this 90 pounder that put up a good fight. Halibut always know how to tangle up all the lines don’t they? One of the guys was able to grab a quick shot before we kicked’er loose. Good one Dan!

I’ve got a pretty sweet Lowrance system on the Polar Bear that has put a lot of fish in the boat this summer. One of the components is the Sirius weather module that overlays weather data and sea surface temperatures onto my chartplotter. It’s an overlay that you can turn on and off quite easily and while I don’t use it all the time it has it’s place.

I use it to tell me what direction the wind is coming from out on the coast, so we can take the most appropriate route to the fishing grounds. Between the Coast Guard weather reports, personal observation, and this killer data system you can get dialed on very quickly in the morning. The other nice thing about this module is that it also recieves Sirius satellite radio that streams thru the HDS10 and right to my stereo system via a couple of jacks. Crystal clear sound all the time!

One of these days we’ll use the SST data on this system to make an albacore tuna run offshore. Locals Bill and Dave Dawley have been itching to make just such a run!

A couple of days ago I was put-putting over to the fuel dock on a rare 70 degree day here when I spotted some fish jumping along the shoreline in the harbor. Charter season is over and I’m pretty much cooked, but I just couldn’t help myself. Usually fish jumping along the shoreline means pink salmon and I didn’t hope for much else. As I drew closer I realized that they were all silvers…lots of silvers!

There were big schools of bright coho jumping and porpoising in 5 to 10 feet of water. I tried trolling cut plug herring around them to no avail and I even cast whole and cut plug herring at them with no weight…nothing. Finally I pulled out a 2 1/4 ounce Pt. Wilson Dart and cast it well out in front of the schools, retrieving it with a pump and dip motion. Hammer Time! I hooked about a dozen big, fat cohos in an hour and landed 8 of them. At first I was releasing them, but I came to my senses after releasing a few and decided to keep fat ones.

Here’s the 4 nice silvers that I kept from this fun silver salmon slamolafest.

When I got back to the dock it happened to be lunchtime, so I tossed a slab of fresh silver on the BBQ and set my sights on a lunch of salmon burgers. I also added a Peterson smoking puck to the BBQ to give the fish a nice Alder smoke flavor…damn that’s gonna be good!

Here’s my lunch of three salmon burgers made with salmon that was less than 30 minutes removed from the water. I ate all of them and then slipped into a food coma on the dock. My gosh life is good!

Some of you have emailed asking about the halibut enchilada fundraisers we hosted for the Craig wrestling team all summer long. Thanks to all of you we raised approximately $5,000 for these hard working kids. A huge thanks to Di Thain…the coaches wife…for putting together these awesome meals for our guests. Good stuff and we’ll do it again next summer!

The fat lady is working her vocal chords and I’m just a few days from heading south. Overall we had a really good charter fishing season here in Craig, Alaska and we’re already excited about next summer.

I’ll start plugging in fishing dates for 2013 sometime in September after I get back to Washington and decompress. A huge THANK YOU to all of you that joined us this summer and we look forward to fishing with you once again next year. Thank you, thank you, thank you…and good night!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

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* August 21, 2012 Craig Alaska Fishing Report

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Where has the summer gone?!! Some of us have also been asking “where have the silvers gone” the last few days. I’ve been lucky enough to put boat limits of silvers on board 5 of the last 6 days, but every day has been nerve racking to say the least.

The silvers have been averaging 6 to 12 pounds with an occasional 13 or 14 pound brute mixed in. Fresh schools that just wash in from the ocean have been the most fun, as they pound the herring with reckless abandon and run wild all over the place. Fun, fun stuff!

We’ve been picking up some nice chicken halibut and since my last report we’ve released quite a few halibut just shy of the 68 inch mark. Measuring these big halibut has been nothing short of a total rodeo. Who knows, our guests might get a bigger kick out of this circus than actually retaining the big barnies. I’ve lasso’d two by the tail in the past couple of weeks that were sooooo close to the 68 inch mark, but not close enough to keep. It’s kind of nice to see them swim off back to the bottom to do their thing actually.

Outside of the usual mix of black sea bass, ling cod, yelloweye, and rockfish there has also been a few big sharks offshore. We’ve ran into both salmon sharks and blue sharks out on the halibut grounds the last few days. Yesterday Robert Aguilera broke off what I’m pretty sure was a shark because fifteen minutes later Sally Kvam’s rod doubled over as a big blue shark wolfed her halibut bait and took off to the races. The shark was about 5 or 6 feet long and we released it after several big runs. I had brief thoughts of boating it until I remembered those teeth…no bueno! Capt. Kim has also run into several blue sharks fishing off of Shaft Rock the last few days, one of which was chewing on a halibut as it neared the surface.

Finally got my small camera back, so here’s a few pics from the last couple of days out on the water.

Craig and Sally Kvam from Poulsbo, Washington with a silver salmon double header!

Robert and Hannah Aguilera from Sultan, Washington with Hannah’s 14 pound coho she caught at Hole in the Wall. She caught a lot of fish…I mean a lot. Go figure!

Craig Kvam admires the days limit of hefty silver salmon caught mooching cut plug herring on our Lamiglas Salmon Moochers with Shimano Tekota line counter reels.

Steve caught this big ling over on Capt. Kim McCarthy’s boat two days ago. It measured exactly 44 3/4″…just inside the slot limit. The big bulge in it’s belly is a big quillback rockfish. Capt. Kim is a bottomfishing machine!

Hard to believe I’m down to my last group of fisherman arriving today. Three more days of fishing and  I’ll be wrapping things up here and heading south with the Canadian honkers, which have been showing up here the last few days by the way. Hmmm…might be time to head south.

I’ll post another report here soon. Until then good fishing to all of you and thanks for visiting!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

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* July 11th Southeast Alaska Fishing Report

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King salmon fishing has remained very good here in Craig, Alaska this past week and the silver salmon fishing seems to be getting a little better with every day. Most of the really good fishing has been occurring outside of Noyes Island and a few fish are coming out of the islands. Spotty weather kept us off the ocean earlier last week and once we got back out there we found plenty of king salmon biting. Rumors of a few king salmon in the 30’s and 40’s from yesterday and I’m sure it won’t be long before someone bags up a big bruiser in the 50 plus pound range out there.

Here’s Nancie Wilder and husband Ron with her low 20’s king salmon from last week. Most of the king salmon here have been running in the 15 to 25 pound range lately. These fish will tear you up on light mooching tackle. Fun stuff!

Dave Allan was lucky enough to bag this 36 1/2 inch halibut on the last day of his trip here in Craig. The Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife requires all halibut over 37 inches be released aboard charter vessels in Southeast Alaska this year. Hopefully these regulations will help to rebuild the halibut stocks.  Legal halibut have been easy to come by this summer.

Brothers Dave and Greg caught ling cod that were identical twins measuring 39 1/2 inches. They had a $20 bet on the biggest bottomfish and it would have been a tie but Greg’s fish gacked up a good sized rockfish just before we weighed them. Dave’s fish weighed 22 pounds and Greg’s weighed 21 1/2 pound after losing the rockfish. One of several funny stories on this trip and thankfully this one didn’t involve me : )

And here’s a couple more Alaskan salmon fishing videos recorded with the GoPro video camera I have mounted on the charter boat. It’s raw unedited video and you just never know what might happen when I turn the camera on:

Mooching for King Salmon in Southeast Alaska

Salmon Fishing in Craig, Alaska

Looking forward to more great fishing here in Craig this coming week. We’re looking for that first big push of silvers any day now!

Captain Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing

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* -August 11th Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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Our last two groups enjoyed excellent fishing and perhaps the best weather one could ever ask for here in Southeast Alaska. Flat seas, sunny days, and outstanding action on both silvers and halibut. The Marshall group, here the first few days of August, limited on silvers and halibut before noon every day and we found ourselves doing things like hooking sea bass on bare hooks, feeding the eagles, and taking pictures of the bloated, smelly (picturesque and majestic) sea lions at Cape Addington before returning early to the dock.

Ram Construction also had some great action, even though the silvers were a little more scattered. Milt took Rams yearly $400 halibut jackpot with a 95 pound ‘but with seconds left in the fourth quarter. You can check out some of the action on that halibut in the You Tube video link below.

Now that we got our one week of summer Mother Nature is once again rearing her ugly head. She dished us 30 knot winds today with gusts to who knows how high. My gang hung in there, however, and we banged out a limit of silvers and halibut again today. With 10 silvers remaining on the boat limit we slid along a kelp line very late in the day that’s been good to us lately and proceeded to whoop up on the silvers. The boat was literally groaning from the wind and the drifts were fast, very fast, but silvers from 10 to 16 pounds were hammering us left and right. A two hour ride home and another day is in the books. Another day at the office!

Here are some clips we thru together from the last week of fishing. Milt’s big halibut clip is hilarious. Check it out:

And the forecast for the next few days….absolutely spendid:

Dixon Entrance to Cape Decision- 400 PM akdt Mon Aug 11 2008
…Small Craft Advisory through Tuesday…

.Tonight…Se wind 30 kt diminishing late. Seas 9 ft building to 12 ft late. Rain. .Tue…Se wind 25 kt. Seas 12 ft. Rain. .Tue night…Se wind 30 kt. Seas 12 ft. Rain. .Wed…Se wind 30 kt. Seas 12 ft. Rain. .Wed night…S wind 25 kt. Seas 14 ft. SW swell. Rain. .Thu…S wind 20 kt. Seas 12 ft. W swell. .Fri…N wind 10 kt. Seas 8 ft. .Sat…S wind 10 kt. Seas 5 ft.

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* -August 2nd Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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This report is a few days late because on our last turnaround day I layed on my back most of the day, recoupering from 3 gale force winds in 9 days. During that 9 day stretch we had three gales well over 30 knots, 5 days over 20 knots, and one day of 15 knots. The last three days have been downright pleasent, however, and Capt. Rob is alive and kicking again. The rough weather didn’t keeping us from catching fish, as we have the boats and equipment to get the job done in just about anything Mother Nature can throw at us.The silver fishing has been very good for a couple of weeks now, but it really busted wide open during our last rotation. On the last afternoon with the Fowler gang from Bellingham we dropped into a kelp patch without a soul in sight and it was wide open chaos on fat cohos to 15 pounds. The fish were hovering in 40 to 50 feet of water and all four rods would light off the second we reached the ledge that was holding gobs of bait and a horde of silvers.

On this last rotation we had coho chaos every day on both Kim’s boat and my own. Yesterday we were drifting over a huge school and I just told the guys, Hang On! The guys baits were below the school, which was holding 25 feet deep, but with the line counter reels they quickly adjusted and WHAMO! All four rods went berserk, Richards rod pulled directly under the boat as his fish shot the wrong direction and right into a line on the other side of the boat and the two back rods were immediately tangled. Of the four fish hooked two were landed and who knows what happened to the other two. This is kind of how it went every day…good clean fun!

Jim Wilson from Georgia had the lucky rod yesterday, releasing a chrome chinook of about 25 pounds and another in the low 30’s. Jim was all smiles, but he and Denny, both from Georgia, just couldn’t figure out why the fish needed to be released. Releasing Chinook and huge ling cod “just ain’t right”.

Halibut fishing has remained rock solid and it seems like we get big fish every day. During one of the gales last week Kim managed to fish the ocean for a couple of hours one morning, getting Mark Yuasa into a 155 pound halibut. Mark was here to do a story for the Seattle Times, which should appear sometime in August. Dave Vedder was also on board, enjoying the good fishing and the even better weather. On board the Polar Bear we’ve had halibut over 90 pound three of the last four days.

With the weather looking like it’s going to hold for another week, or so, we’re hopeful the fishing will even get better. Yesterday while we halibut fished offshore I gawked at the sonar, which was picking up school after school of silvers. I don’t think we’ve even seen “Wide Open” yet!



[Click here for August 2nd photos]

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