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* Jeff’s Stubby King Salmon

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Check out the shoulders on the 31 pound king salmon that Jeff June caught today while fishing on the Polar Bear. The big king was as long as another king salmon that weighed about 17 pounds, but the freakish girth blew it up to an amazing 31 pounds. We were all amazed that it weighed that much given it’s short length. Either way…we’ll take it!

In addition to a few nice kings there has been a tremendous amount of coho in the waters around Craig recently. Coho fishing has been downright awesome!

We’ve got some foul weather here for a couple of days that will keep us off the ocean. Hopefully we’ll be back out there again after tomorrow. Until the next report…good fishing to you!

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* Norm’s Big Nookie!

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Norm Allan was lucky enough to catch this nice 42 pound king salmon amidst the horde of king’s out there right now. He caught the big king this morning on a mooched cut plug herring fishing aboard the “Makai” with Capt. Troy Thain at Pineapple Rock.

For such a low abundance index the king salmon run this year has been nothing short of extraordinary. There’s also plenty of silver salmon mixed in to keep the rods bent all day long. Life is good here in Southeast Alaska right now!

I’ll post another quick report in day or two. Until then…good fishing to you!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Charters

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* June 12th Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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We’re seeing really good numbers of king salmon already and with any luck fishing should get better as the month goes on. So far we’ve been catching our kings with a combination of both trolling and mooching. Once we find good numbers of fish we’ll tuck away the trolling gear and pull out the mooching rods. It’s been combo that’s brought a lot of fish to the boat the past week and a half.

Most of the kings right now are in the 15 to 25 pound range. There’s been a few big kings around, however, including 34, 43, and 50 pound kings caught this past week by other boats in the charter fleet here in Craig.

That’s all for now…off and running again tomorrow. We’ll have some more pics up here soon and thanks for stopping by!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

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* August 4th, 2012 Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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I’m back for a quick August 4th check-in from Craig, Alaska. Silver fishing has been excellent here since my last report and we’re getting limits daily. It’s nice to see some of the silvers moving into the islands now so we can hide from poor ocean conditions when they arise. Our guests have noticed that our silvers seem to be a little bit bigger this season than in years past. Regardless…it’s fun to have great fishing right now!

King salmon fishing is petering out here, but the kings that are out there lately have been on the enormous side. Bill Vernon from Yakima, Washington landed the 46 pound king salmon in the photo below while fishing on my boat a few days back. The big king took us into the rocks, kelp, and 13 feet of water before charging back out into the open water where we could land it. A couple of Waterfall boats were kind enough to reel in their lines so we could land this big king salmon. Thank you very much guys!

There’s been at least one or two king salmon over 50 pounds being caught out on the ocean almost daily and that’s been going on for a couple of weeks now. One of the captains over at Shelter Cove Lodge (Aaron) has gotten his guests into king salmon of 51 pounds and 57 pounds in the last few days. The last one took the lady one and a half hours to land. Yes…a lady caught it. They have all the luck!

Here’s Mike Coleman with the 34 pound king salmon he caught with us several days ago. It was on top of the Yaki-Vegas king salmon derby pool until Bill Vernon knocked it off with his 46 pound king salmon. Bill was welcomed back in town with a ticker tape parade, party poppers, Roman candles, and cake and ice cream : )

Jim Marshall grabbed this hefty 30 pound Chinook while fishing with Capt. Troy Thain yesterday. His good friend Chris Miles was kind enough to help him hold the fish up. Plenty of laughs when these guys are in town and oh man the food is good. Chris owns Cookin-On-Wood in Phoenix and cooks up the grub for many of the professional baseball teams with facilities in Arizona. His cookin’ is to die for!

Yet another halibut enchilada feed down at Man Town last night with over 30 people attending this fun night down on the dock. The guests from Prince of Wales Sportfishing, Tranquil Charters, and Forget-Me-Not Charters raised $850 last night to help fund the Craig High School wrestling team this coming season. You’ve all raised $2850 this summer and I hope to continue raising much needed funds for these great kids, and of course coach Troy Thain. A huge THANK YOU to all of you that have donated to his worthy cause!

That’s all for now everyone…good fishing to you!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing

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