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* July 19th, 2012 Craig Alaska Fishing Report

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I finally have a moment to post a quick fishing report before we race off and pick up more fishing guests at Island Air Express in Klawock. Here’s a quick run down of the last couple of weeks here in Craig, Alaska.

Early July was really, really good for king salmon fishing here in Craig and then the kings kind of dried up about 6 or 7 days ago. We had some truly spectacular king salmon days early in the month with lots of kings around between 15 and 25 pounds. There were at least a dozen fish over 50 pounds caught out there and one over 60 pounds that I know of. Our biggest is 44 pounds so far this summer.

Luckily the silver salmon were hot on the tail of the kings and fishing for them has improved to the point of being rock solid here the last couple of days. Most of the boats in the fleet are catching limits of silvers or close to it the last few days out there.

When we can get out on the ocean halibut fishing has been excellent for chicken halibut. The halibut fishing in the islands, however, has been very slow. Capt. Kim has made a couple of runs to some offshore pinnacles this past week that have produced excellent ling cod, yelloweye, and black sea bass for our guests.

Here’s a few photos from the last two weeks here in Craig, Alaska.

Jeff June from the Northwest Straits Commission in Washington with a nice 30 pound king salmon caught off Noyes Island. Jeff and his team are responsible for most of the derelict fishing gear removal in Puget Sound.

Mike Hutton, Jim Coe, Jeff June, Phil Stephens, and Bob DeLong with a limit of nice kings caught off Baker Island a little over a week ago. King salmon fishing was really good when these guys were here the second week of July.

Phil Stephens with a nice 25 pound chicken halibut caught offshore in the ocean. Fish like this have been quite plentiful when the weather allows us to get out there.

Al Heeg from San Fransisco caught this Cabezon at East Addington the other day. It’s the first cabezon that’s ever been caught on my boat, but I’ve heard of a few others being caught the last few years.

Brothers Steve Maris and Joe Maris were just here with the Piscatorial Pursuits group. They were lucky enough to land 21 and 32 pound kings one afternoon with Capt. Troy Thain. Nice work guys!

If you’re joining us here in Craig, Alaska this summer don’t forget to purchase your Alaska fishing license online. Here’s some directions and a link to the ADF&G website to purchase your license and king salmon stamp.

Thanks to all of you that have joined us so far this summer and we look forward to seeing many of you here before our fishing charter season closes up the end of August. Fish On!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

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* July 4th Fishing Report from Prince of Wales Sportfishing

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Happy 4th of July Everyone!

We took the boat out last night for the 4th of July fireworks show here in Craig and man what a show. It’s hard to believe how much time and money this little town puts into the 4th of July celebration…very, very cool!

The commercial troll fleet opened up on July 1st and as usual king salmon fishing has slumped quite a bit on the outside. There’s still some fish around…ya just gotta work a lot harder for them. The upside is that some big king salmon are starting to show in the ocean drifts this past week. I’ve heard of at least three fish over 50 pounds being caught on the west side of the Noyes Island the last few days. One of them was a mid-50’s king that one of the Waterfall guests caught very close to us today. What a hog!

Kim DeWeese was lucky enough to hook into this 44 pound king salmon on my boat a few days back. It’s the biggest king salmon landed in our small fleet so far and it put up an impressive battle in sea lion infested waters. Nice work Kim!

Halibut fishing remains darned good on the ocean lately and we’ve caught easy limits of 15 to 30 pound halibut on a daily basis. I haven’t personally targetted any big halibut lately (go figure), but rumor has it there’s been some bigger ones around. Ling cod fishing has been excellent near shore and black sea bass are easy pickin’s just about anywhere on the coast line. We’ve had some fun recently hooking sea bass only to have them devoured by big lingers. Fun stuff!

Capt. Kim came in with a limit of silver salmon a few days ago…the first limit we’ve seen of silvers so far in the fishing charter season here. Unfortunately they were nowhere to be found the next day. There’s been enough silver salmon around out there to keep things interesting and it seems like we hook into a few each day fishing for king salmon. With this many around this early in the charter season we’re all hopeful for a banner coho year here in Craig!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

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* Great fishing continues in Southeast Alaska!

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King salmon fishing continues to be decent here in Craig and the silver numbers continue to build here.  The begginning of last week we were seeing 6 to 10 cohos a day and now the numbers are double that and we’ve had two full boat limits hit our dock the last two days.  The two biggest kings to hit our dock this week are a 36 pounder by Paul Becker of Victoria, BC and a 34 pounder by Dan Shaw of Chimacum, WA.  I’d post some pics of these great fish, but my camera went kapute a few days ago and erased all the pics off of my disk.  Moisture and technology just don’t mix!

The bay we’re fishing is absolutely loaded with bait and with that come the whales.  A couple of days ago we had two big humpback whales come up next to the boat as we were landing a king salmon in the ocean.  Best part is that Dave Allan got it all on video! 

Halibut fishing remains strong for chicken halibut and we’ve been hammering the salmon program so hard all day that none of us have spent much time poking around looking for big halibut.  Yesterday we limited the boat on chicken halibut in less than ten minutes and then went back to salmon fishing…fast action!  The new pipe jigs dad made up for me this summer have been lights out.  Two pounds of copper and lead with a 12/0 Mustad treble and a hoochie skirt over the hook.  Ling cod, yelloweye, and halibut can’t leave’em alone! 

A couple of pics courtesy of Kevin Kent, who just departed on this mornings float plane out of Craig.

Kevin with a typical 18 pound feeder king

A great batch of fish for mid-June!

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* July 9th Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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Before the last low pressure front blew in four days ago we were having a little better luck on both kings and silvers fishing the southern portion of our range, around Sumez Island. Strong southerly’s changed that whole program, however, and for the last three days we’ve been essentially hiding in the islands to escape the wind.

The nice thing about fishing here is that there’s protection from the wind around every corner and with this last rotation of customers from New York we used that protection daily. We returned to a halibut spot in the islands that I discovered two weeks ago that offered enough protection from the wind to get the job done, with plenty of chickens carpeting the bottom we jigged up limits of chickens in fairly calm seas without venturing into the open ocean. 16 oz. jig heads with white scampi tails tipped with halibut skin soaked in Pautzke’s Nectar was the ticket. The halibut skin is nearly impossible to tear off the hook, so it’s not necessary to crank the jig up every time a chicken takes a whack at it.

The wind kept us away from some of the better king fishing and we didn’t see or hear of many kings caught the last few days. One here, one there, and for some of the guys that stayed in the same hole all day long for three days in a row, well, they found a couple more. Me, I can handle three to four hours of grinding and then I get restless. All day, every day, in the same hole, shoot me!

Yesterday afternoon the ocean finally layed down and we snuck out to a proven deep water troll lane and found what we were looking for. I parked next to a ball of bait on the surface with no birds around it (fish pushing it up) and it was on like Donkey Kong. A mess of silvers were harrassing the bait from below and every time we pulled alongside the mass of bait we doubled up on silvers. It was late in the day, but we hammered down on a bunch of silvers before cranking up the Classic Rewind for the ride home.

Psycho king fisherman on my boat for the next round and as long as the wind holds we’re going to hit it hard, with at least one major voyage on tap. Sorry for the lack of pics with this report. I took some great pics, including one of young Hailey next to a loaded fish hold, and the disc in my camera didn’t feel like saving them. New disc on the way, more pics with the next report.

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