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* New Bait Station for 2013

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I’m finally adding something to the Polar Bear that I never thought I would need…a bait station. I’m having Three Rivers Marine in Woodinville, Washington build me a custom bait station that is almost identical to the one below that a good friend has on his Duckworth.

At six and a half feet tall the constant bending over of cutting bait and bending over to get bait out of the cooler when the hooks are empty pretty much thrashes my back in the summer. We all spend enough time hanging over the rail taking care of fish there’s just no need to increase that repetitive motion cutting bait and baiting hooks.

I’m fairly certain that both Rafael Ramirez and Troy Thain will also be ordering bait stations for their boats, the Brown Bear and the Makai. It just makes perfect sense to have one of these on the boat.

Three Rivers Marine custom builds the stations to your specifications and I’m getting pretty much everything you see in the photo below except for the recessed cup holders. Those will simply fill up with herring heads and guts…there’s no need for that.

No longer will there be tools scattered all over the top of the fish tote. Everything will now be conveniently stored in it’s proper place on the bait station. Well, most of the time anyway. I’ll still leave the pliers laying aroundnd just to keep things interesting.

The bait station mounts in two “pockets” on the stern of the boat and they can make them as high or short as you like. Mine will just be high enough to open the transom hatch where I store cleaning supplies and other miscellaneous items.

If anyone else in the Craig area would like to order one I’d be happy to ship it north in May when we ship all of our supplies on the barge. If you’re outside of the Craig area Three Rivers Marine will ship your custom built station anywhere. For more details call Kent Alger at Three Rivers at 425-415-1575.

I’m also going to have them build me a custom UHMW rack for holding halibut and ling cod jigs. I’m tired of them banging on the storage trays when we’re running offshore.

Only three months until we start fishing again in Craig, Alaska. Time sure flies!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

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