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* King Salmon Fishing Going Strong

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The king salmon fishing has been fantastic here this past week. We’ve been splitting time between mooching and trolling and both techniques have been producing plenty of hookups on kings in the 15 to 25 pound range.

Here’s our new customer service rep Margaret Carey with a nice king salmon she caught on the Polar Bear yesterday. Margaret has worked at both El Capitan Lodge and Island Air Express here on the island and she will do a great job of handling the shoreside duties while the rest of us are out fishing. Welcome aboard Margaret!

Thanks for stopping by and if you’re fishing with us this summer we’ll be seeing you real soon!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska

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* June 28th – Hot King Salmon Fishing Continues in Craig

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The king salmon insanity here in Craig, Alaska has continued for the last few days with easy limits coming every day. We had limits of silvers one day and near limits two of the days. The silvers have been averaging around 5 to 6 pounds, but we did get into some larger silvers out in the ocean yesterday. The king salmon have been averaging between 15 and 25 pounds and there’s lots of them. All in all it’s been some awesome fishing for the month of June.

Here’s Barry, Bon, Bruce, and Paul with their limits of king salmon, silver salmon, halibut, and an assortment of bottomfish from day one of their trip.

The guys with another limit of chunky king salmon. King salmon fishing has been W.F.O. to say the least!

The forecast calls for a little wind the next few days, but nothing that we can’t fish in. Looking forward to seeing some our usual suspects at the airport in Klawock this afternoon. Off we go again!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Charters

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* June 28, 2012 Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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The king salmon run continues to build here in Craig and we’ve seen really good numbers of king salmon in the 15-25 pound range in the ocean the last few days. Getting at them has been a little tricky, however, as the weather has been pretty snotty on the outside. The Demers/Warren group I just had on my boat were tough as nails though and we fished in the teeth of the weather two of the last three days and had a ball catching king salmon in very marginal ocean conditions.

Here’s Elliot Green with his first king salmon ever on his first saltwater fishing trip ever. Pretty awesome to see Elliot hook a bunch of kings on the ocean mooching with a cut plug herring. He picked it up quick!

Ty Warren, Don DeMers, and Elliot Green with yesterday’s limit of king salmon, halibut, ling cod, yelloweye rockfish, and black sea bass. Not pictured is Max Warren…who contributed his fair share.

Our first ever halibut enchilada benefit was a huge success last night. Di Thain makes the best halibut enchiladas on earth and brought enough of them down to feed the whole gang and then some. Our guests and friends raised close to $400 for the Craig High School wrestling team to help with their travel costs. A huge thank you to all that contributed last night. We’ll be doing it again soon!

Capt. Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Charters

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* Great fishing continues in Southeast Alaska!

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King salmon fishing continues to be decent here in Craig and the silver numbers continue to build here.  The begginning of last week we were seeing 6 to 10 cohos a day and now the numbers are double that and we’ve had two full boat limits hit our dock the last two days.  The two biggest kings to hit our dock this week are a 36 pounder by Paul Becker of Victoria, BC and a 34 pounder by Dan Shaw of Chimacum, WA.  I’d post some pics of these great fish, but my camera went kapute a few days ago and erased all the pics off of my disk.  Moisture and technology just don’t mix!

The bay we’re fishing is absolutely loaded with bait and with that come the whales.  A couple of days ago we had two big humpback whales come up next to the boat as we were landing a king salmon in the ocean.  Best part is that Dave Allan got it all on video! 

Halibut fishing remains strong for chicken halibut and we’ve been hammering the salmon program so hard all day that none of us have spent much time poking around looking for big halibut.  Yesterday we limited the boat on chicken halibut in less than ten minutes and then went back to salmon fishing…fast action!  The new pipe jigs dad made up for me this summer have been lights out.  Two pounds of copper and lead with a 12/0 Mustad treble and a hoochie skirt over the hook.  Ling cod, yelloweye, and halibut can’t leave’em alone! 

A couple of pics courtesy of Kevin Kent, who just departed on this mornings float plane out of Craig.

Kevin with a typical 18 pound feeder king

A great batch of fish for mid-June!

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Posted on May 30th, 2008 by . Filed under Uncategorized .

The launch sequence for blast off to the Hinterland has started. Sunday morning the Charter Wagon will be headed out of dodge with the Polar Bear in tow. I could have shipped the boat north along with the new travel trailer, but the little bit of savings by towing it north will help keep us from having to institute a fuel surcharge this summer. This summer every little bit is going to count with fuel prices going thru the roof.

Here’s how the drive works:
Bellingham to Prince Rupert-961 Miles
Alaska Marine Highway, Prince Rupert to Ketchikan, 6 hours
Ketchikan to Prince of Wales Island, 3 hours
Hollis to Craig, 35 miles


Aside from a few whoop-dee-doos and potholes along the journey, it’s fairly easy driving all the way thru BC. The scenery from Prince George to Prince Rupert is to die for and it’s hard to keep the rig between the lines there’s so much incredible scenery to look at. Hopefully I’ll be able to snap some pictures along the way to highlight just how spectacular northern BC really is.

I’m towing roughly 8500 pounds with a tired old 99 Suburban with a 350 under the hood, that’s a 5.7 litre for the non motorheads in the group. The new power package from 4 Wheel Parts is going to help a bunch, however, and I’m confident that the trip will happen without a hitch (knock on wood). The Wagon has vinyl seats, manual windows, and is as simple a machine as you can find. Half the power door locks don’t work and sometimes you can start it without the key…the perfect Alaskan Charter Wagon!

Loaded into the Charter Wagon is a coolor full of food and beverages and I’ll stop at the border to pick up some Macanudo cigars to help get thru the boredom. The Sirius cranks out a combination of Raw Dog Comedy, Classic Rewind, Octane, Prime Country, 90’s Alternative, Some 80’s Butt Rock Station, Bloomberg Radio, and whatever else I can find to pass the hours.

Only 327 things to do before departure Sunday morning, so I better git while the gitt’ns good. More later


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