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* July 29th Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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Limits of both king and silver salmon were easy to come by here up until about three or four days ago in Craig, Alaska. Fishing is still good for both…just not the stupid salmon action that’s been spoiling us most of the summer.

Our guests that spend some time targetting king salmon are finding limits on a near daily basis and we’ve had 42 and 48 pound king salmon hit the dock this past week. The silver salmon fishing remains what I would call decent, with the four boats in our small fleet getting anywhere from a half a limit per day to full limits. It seems like few of the hatchery silvers are pushing into the islands from the Klawock Hatchery and hopefully that run continues to build. There seems to be a little gap in the silver run right now and we’re all hopeful that another push will come in headed for the hatchery.

We’ve been blasting offshore to catch our limits of chicken halibut and picking up a few nice sea bass, yelloweye, and ling cod while we’re out there. The pipe jigs that dad and I made two years ago continue to produce the most halibut bites of anything we drop over the side. The things really work!

Here’s Lester Surgener from Bakersfield, CA with his 48 pound king salmon from last week. He caught it with Capt. Kim aboard the Sea Hunt. Kim has been on a king salmon tear lately!

My dad, John Endsley, and his buddies Frank, Joe, and Paul with a limit of nice king salmon from the last day of their trip (yesterday). It’s sure nice to fish with pops and the rest of the guys up here in Alaska!

Here’s a great link to a weather cam here in Craig…courtesy of Nancie and Ron Wilder who visited us in early July.

Craig, Alaska Weather Cam

Sorry…no new videos to upload with all this rain and wind we’ve been experiencing lately. It looks like the weather is going to calm down in a couple of days and I’ll bust out the GoPro camera again when it does.

Good fishing!

Captain Rob Endsley
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Charters

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* Strong King Salmon Run Forecast for SE Alaska!

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We should see more days like this in 2011!

We should see more days like this in 2011!

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game just released a Chinook Abundance Index for Southeast Alaska of 1.69, the highest Chinook forecast since 2007. What exactly does that mean? It means there’s going to be plenty of king salmon around this summer for us to catch!

With this high forecast comes a higher possession limit for non-resident anglers of 5 Chinook for the year in Southeast Alaska. Non-resident anglers can retain two Chinook per day in the month of May until the possession limit is reached and one per day from June thru September.

This is great news and while we’ve had pretty darned good king salmon fishing the last couple of years, we’re excited to see the return of some “good-old-days” king salmon fishing to Craig and Southeast Alaska. Will someone catch a 70 plus pounder this year in Craig? That lucky angler could be you!

Captain Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska

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* July 11 Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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Our customers have caught some magnificent king salmon the last few days here in Craig. Brian Borchardt from California landed a monster 52 pound king salmon aboard the Makai on July 8th (pictured below) and Will Fuller from Long Island, NY nailed a 43 pound chinook aboard the Polar Bear on July 10th. The fish haven’t come easy lately though, and we’ve had to make every single bite count. With some huge king salmon around and more on the way it isn’t hard to imagine would could happen every time a salmon chews on your cut plug herring.

The silver run is just getting started here and we’re catching around half a dozen per boat right now, with a high of 14 on one of the boats several days ago. The Fuller party aboard the Polar Bear got to experience a totally wide open silver salmon bite on July 8th, landed ten in less than 50 yards and losing at least that many. Not a bad way to end the day!

Halibut fishing for chicken halibut from 15 to 30 pounds has been fast and furious at one of our ocean drags. We fished an area known for big halibut yesterday and managed to pick up a 42 pound flattie before the winds drove us off to calmer waters.

Capt. Kim found some absolutely monstrous black sea bass fishing an ocean pinnacle, loading up on blackies in the ten pound range the last few days. Not content to grind it out for kings all day (like me) Kim got his guests into halibut, yelloweye rockfish, lingcod, silvers, kings, and chum salmon.

Brian with his trophy class 52 pound king salmon.

Will Fuller with his 43 pound king salmon and Jake Dowling with a 42 pound halibut.

Thou shalt not disrespect thy rockfish! With a total closure of bottomfishing in Washington’s Puget Sound it’s not hard to give a little respect for the plethora of rockfish species that we have in our waters. Here’s Bill Fuller with an ultra cool Tiger rockfish he caught on a salmon rod at Granite two days ago.

Big storm coming here the next fews days that will likely push the Craig charter fleet back into the shelter of the islands. Next report in a few days…Ciao!

Rob Endsley

Prince of Wales Sportfishing

Craig, Alaska

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* June 28th Craig, Alaska King Salmon Report

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June 28th Craig, Alaska King Salmon Report

King salmon fishing here in Craig, Alaska has been consistent for those willing to put in the time. A week and a half ago we were getting our limits of king salmon before noon and now we’re having to put in some long hours to come up with our fish every day.

There have been some monster king salmon out there, however, as you can see from the photo of Craig Kvam’s 44 pound king below he caught with us several days ago. We’ve had reports of at least one king salmon being caught over 60 pounds and several more in the 50 pound class. With fish like that swimming around out there it’s not hard to get motivated!

We’re seeing the numbers of silver salmon slowly pick up on the ocean and yesterday we ran into two very large schools of silvers on the way home at the end of the day. Many of us are thinking that July and August are going to be outstanding for silvers.

Most of our time lately has been spent chasing big king salmon and we really have devoted a lot of time to pursuing halibut. Chicken halibut between 15 and 25 pounds have been the norm for most of our king salmon fisherman this month, as well as a mixed bag of ling cod, yelloweye, and black seabass.

Here’s a smattering of fishing photos from the last couple of weeks of king salmon fishing here in Craig.

Rob Tobeck with the 30 pound king salmon he caught near Pineapple Rock

Eric Vanhofwegen hooked up on this 24 pound king after we marked a school of king salmon on the Lowrance broadband sonar

Eric Libolt and the Vanhofwegens with limits of king salmon and yelloweye from the ocean

Another great day for the Vanhofwegens, limiting on king salmon to 26 pounds

Bill, Deborah, and Scott with some Pacific chrome

Craig Kvam and the biggest king of his lifetime, a whopping 44 pounder

Slice and Dice comfirms that it’s a white king

Sally was MIA for a picture with her 27 pound king salmon, so good husband Craig jumped in there with Tim for quick photo

A little incentive for our last group here at Prince of Wales Sportfishing…prizes for the biggest king salmon and halibut of the trip. Craig Kvam went home with an Abu Garcia 6000 line counter reel for his 44 pound king salmon and Chuck Kaiser went back to Ohio with a Grunden’s Windjammer jacket for catching a 27 pound halibut on a salmon rod. He’s going to inform the folks back home that he’s now part of the Deadliest Catch television show!

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* Ocean Provides Best Action

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Last week we were seeing consistent action for king salmon in the open ocean with most days in the double digits for hookups. With heavy seas this past week, however, that action has been curtailed considerably. The fish really haven’t moved into the islands in any great numbers and the coastal spots, if you can get to them, have been the producers. We’ve already caught some silvers here recently and by the looks of things we should have a great year for coho.

Scott Sypher with a 26 pound king salmon he caught last week in the Chicken Hole

Scott Sypher with a 26 pound king salmon he caught last week in the Chicken Hole

Scott Sypher, Mike Parker, Jim Heins, and Steve Maris with limits of king salmon from 22-26 pounds

Scott Sypher, Mike Parker, Jim Heins, and Steve Maris with limits of king salmon from 22-26 pounds

A humpback whales slaps the water offshore

A humpback whales slaps the water offshore

The boys enjoy a double header at one of the highway holes offshore

The boys enjoy a double header at one of the highway holes offshore

Here’s a couple pics from fishing the last couple of days. The guys from Griffin Maclean Insurance in Bellevue worked thru some very difficult conditions to catch fish with us these last few days. With 18 foot seas on the ocean the first day of their trip we spent all of our time in the islands looking for king salmon and managed to hook several nice king salmon to 24 pounds on the foul weather day. We’re hoping a few more fish file into the islands soon to give us some options when the ocean kicks up.

Here’s a couple pics from yesterdays trip to the ocean, which proved successful.

Rob Tobeck shows off the 30 pound king salmon he grabbed outside of Noyes Island.

Rob Tobeck shows off the 30 pound king salmon he grabbed outside of Noyes Island.

Paul Dent with his 28 pound king salmon, also caught on the outside of Noyes.

Paul Dent with his 28 pound king salmon, also caught on the outside of Noyes.

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* The Saltwater Experience!

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A saltwater angling adventure in Southeast Alaska is perhaps is one of the most dynamic experiences one can enjoy in the outdoors. Five species of salmon, halibut, ling cod, and over 30 species of rockfish make the west side of Prince of Wales Island a very special place for wetting a line, but the experience doesn’t stop there. The fishing alone isn’t what makes this place so special, it’s the scenery, marine wildlife, the North Pacific’s rugged coastline, and the ever-changing tide and currents that swirl around hundreds of islands that really make Prince of Wales Island an exciting place to fish. Sharing this dynamic experience with close friends and family is what life in the outdoors is all about!

A picture is worth a thousand words! I can describe this experience a hundred different ways, but nothing highlights the saltwater experience better than a photo.  These photos and more are available on the Prince of Wales Sportfishing Photo Gallery page.

We’re hosting all of our Southeast Alaska fishing videos over on The Outdoor Line video page. Check’em out when you get a chance!

Preseason scouting turned up this mid-30’s Chinook for Jim “Bucket” Heins. A better king salmon run than 2008??? You bet it was!

Pre-season scouting turned up this mid-30's Chinook for Jim "Bucket" Heins. A better king salmon run than 2008, you bet it was!

The sweetest lady on Planet Earth, Diana Rumley, bags her first Chinook ever. After a 30 minute battle-royale she landed this 42 pound Chinook!

From the sweetest lady ever to salmon slayer extraordinaire. Tim Linderman with a mid-30’s King on one of those mornings at Cape Ulitka.

You’ve heard that women catch more fish. Well, they do! Bob Say snaps a few photos of Danielle’s 37 pound beauty over on Capt. Kims boat.

A double on a king and silver, both in the upper teens, made this rodeo-bite a memorable experience for all of us! Lots of fun with Al and Julie again this year.

Mac’n Cheese, Top Ramen, and king salmon with a side of halibut. Food for college! I just found this pic from 2008 and couldn’t resist.

Tim “Slice and Dice” Koentopp prepares to slice and dice a thousand pounds of halibut. If you’re into halibut check out these great halibut fishing vids, “Al Sloka’s Halibut” & “Pipe Jig Hammers Halibut”

Those big halibut aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Deb Adams lifts this great-eating chicken halibut for a quick photo off St. Johns Island. We catch plenty of these halibut throughout the summer!

The Marshall gang shows us how to have some fun back at the pier. Chris Miles, owner of Cookin’ on Wood in Phoenix, Arizona (and a POW Sportfishing pro-staffer) whips up a mean mess of grub every night on the dock.

Just another day in paradise! Robert Aguilera lands another fat coho while a humpback whale breaches in the background.

“Quck, everybody grab a fish for a picture before the rain hits!” The Hine gang from Bakersfield with a very quick dock shot before heading for cover. Yes, it rains in Southeast Alaska!

Pete Rathwell with our biggest silver of the summer on the last trip of the summer. A 17 pound brute from Black Rock near Warren Island.

Rick shows some variety with a yelloweye rockfish from an offshore ocean pinnacle.

Ling cod numbers continue to build off the coast providing some pretty wide-open action in 2009. Here’s Robert with a keeper-sized ling caught on a pipe jig. A couple of ling cod videos worth checking out, “No Mas!” & “Ling bites it’s own tail”

A massive school of baitfish slides under the Polar Bear with a wide open coho bite following shortly thereafter.

Capt. Troy hauls a nice halibut aboard the Makai for the Preddy gang from Texas.

A little silver chaos for the Beaudry gang over on Capt. Kims boat. These guys brought 30 pounds of Kobe beef for our evening barbecues on the pier!

One bite of burrito, one chug of salsa! Nothing like a little hair of the dog in the morning.

It wouldn’t be a Southeast Alaskan experience without the humpback whales. A few photos from Rob Endsley’s collection.

From Capt. Rob Endsley, Nicole Huggins, and the great people we work with in Craig, Alaska we sincerely hope you’ll join Prince of Wales Sportfishing for another great summer of fishing and adventure in 2010!

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