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* King Limits Announced for 2015

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Bill, Wally, and Don with limits of king salmon from early June last year. The summer ahead looks just as promising.

The outlook for king salmon fishing in Southeast Alaska once again looks great for the coming charter fishing season. So great, in fact, that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game released the king salmon limits a couple of weeks ago and they include a two king per day limit for non-resident anglers in the months of May and June with a yearly bag limit of six.

It’s the second year in a row we’ve seen a liberal king limit early in the season and the guests that have fishing dates with us in June couldn’t be more ecstatic. We’re pretty darned excited too!

After July 1st the king salmon limit drops down to one per day with six in possession. Resident Alaskan’s have a daily limit of three Chinook per day. If you haven’t fished in Craig the months of July and August are typically when the big bruisers show up.

We have a very busy fishing season ahead but there are some last minute openings if you want to get in on some of this fantastic king salmon fishing. Those dates are…

June 15-19 – 4 seats

July 4-8 – 2 seats

Call us at 888-943-4746 for more details. Thanks for stopping by and best of fishing to you!

Rob Endsley

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* Chinook Limits Increased for Southeast Alaska!

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Early last week the Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced a Chinook Abundance Index for Southeast Alaska for 2014 that literally took our breath away. Last year we fished under an A.I. of 1.2 and this summer that number has jumped to astounding 2.57!

What exactly does that mean?

That abundance index translates to limits of two Chinook per day for non-resident anglers for the months of May and June with an annual limit of 6. In the months of July and August we’ll be at the usual limit of one Chinook per day. This is the highest forecast for king salmon in Southeast Alaska in over 20 years folks!

We usually see great king salmon fishing in Craig with a forecast of just half that. This summer the king salmon fishing should be incredible.

I haven’t seen the silver salmon forecast yet but I would imagine it will be very close to what it was last year. The leaders are tied, the bait is on order, and we’re ready for another great summer of fishing in Craig, Alaska.

Lets go fishing!

Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

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* Halibut Limits Announced for 2014

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The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) just released the halibut catch limits for guided anglers in Southeast Alaska’s Area 2C and they look much the same as last year. The charter sector lost a small amount of quota under the new Catch Sharing Plan resulting in a decrease in quota from 788,000 pounds last year to 760,000 pounds for the 2014 season. This minor adjustment in quota shifted the reverse slot limit to one halibut per day under 44 inches or over 76 inches. This equates to one halibut per day under 40 pounds or over 234 pounds.

Area 2C actually saw a slight increase in the halibut biomass this past year, but under the conservative guidelines of the new Catch Sharing Plan the quota was adjusted down slightly. It’s nice to see an uptick in the halibut biomass, however, as we all want to see this resource thrive.

I’ll post more news about the salmon and lingcod limits as they become available. After the absolutely awesome fishing we had last summer we’re all anxious to get back on the water in Southeast Alaska again. From the sounds of things we should have excellent king salmon fishing once again in 2014. More news later!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Southeast Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

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* Halibut Limits to Remain the Same in 2013

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The International Pacific Halibut Commission met in Victoria, BC this week and decided to take no action on guided angler regulations in Southeast Alaska for 2013. This results in the same regulations we had in Craig as last summer with a limit of one halibut per day under 45 inches or over 68 inches.

If you’re wondering what that equates in size it’s one halibut under 43 pounds or over 163 pounds. We’re still able to keep the nice chicken halibut that we’re fond of catching and if you happen to catch a big one you can certainly keep it if you like. We released quite a few halibut very close to the 68″ mark last summer, providing both angst and entertainment for our customers. Watching us measure halibut very close to 68″ inches proved to be quite entertaining!

There won’t have any solid salmon news from Alaska Department of Fish and Game until April. Judging by the run forecasts the last couple years, ocean conditions, and the rebound of quite a few king salmon stocks on the West Coast we expect king salmon fishing to be quite good again. I’ll post more news on the salmon front when we get something solid from ADF&G.

We’ve still got a few seats open throughout the summer. If you’re interested in fishing in Craig now is the time to jump on these openings before someone else does. Call me at 888-943-4746…happy to help or answer any questions you might have.

Good fishing!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

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* Strong King Salmon Run Forecast for SE Alaska!

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We should see more days like this in 2011!

We should see more days like this in 2011!

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game just released a Chinook Abundance Index for Southeast Alaska of 1.69, the highest Chinook forecast since 2007. What exactly does that mean? It means there’s going to be plenty of king salmon around this summer for us to catch!

With this high forecast comes a higher possession limit for non-resident anglers of 5 Chinook for the year in Southeast Alaska. Non-resident anglers can retain two Chinook per day in the month of May until the possession limit is reached and one per day from June thru September.

This is great news and while we’ve had pretty darned good king salmon fishing the last couple of years, we’re excited to see the return of some “good-old-days” king salmon fishing to Craig and Southeast Alaska. Will someone catch a 70 plus pounder this year in Craig? That lucky angler could be you!

Captain Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska

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* 2010 Season Looking Good!

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Indicators Point Towards Strong Salmon Fishing in 2010!

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced a Chinook Abundance Index of 1.35 in late March, which translates to one Chinook per day and three in possesion for non-resident anglers in 2010. This number isn’t surprising, however, as ocean indicators have pointed towards very strong Chinook numbers up and down the north Pacific coast for 2010. That’s great news for all of you joining us this summer in Craig!

Eric with a fat king salmon he caught at the Tree Hole in late July
We’ve chimed about the new hatchery Chinook program in Craig for the last couple of years and we’re excited to see what this year brings. According to our calendar we should see the first return of adult king salmon back to the waters around Craig from this program in May and June.

Depending on how well these fish faired out in the big blue we could see approximately 10,000 more king salmon cruising our local king salmon haunts this summer. These fish come from a stock of king salmon that get as large as 65 pounds!

In addition to the prospect of great king salmon fishing in 2010 we’re also expecting a good “jag” of silver salmon into our waters this summer. Those same ocean conditions responsible for rebuilding the king salmon runs are also helping those fiesty silver salmon that make July and August so much fun.

Wild silver salmon stocks in SE Alaska are expected to fair well this summer and huge plants of coho the past few years by the Prince of Wales Hatchery Association (POWHA) should make for some “Wide-Open” action for silver’s in 2010.

The POWHA plants approximately 4.2 million silver salmon smolts, the largest silver salmon hatchery program in Alaska!

Halibut Limit the Same in 2010

I just got off the phone with Greg Williams from the International Pacific Halibut Commission and he assured me that our halibut limits would remain unchanged for 2010 in Southeast Alaska. That means a one fish per day limit with a fish of any size for our guests this summer.

Lowrance Structure Scan Added to “Polar Bear”

Screen shot from Lowrance Structure ScanUntil now side-scanning sonar was always reserved for the Navy, large commercial fishing vessels, and multi-million dollar yachts. Not any more!

Lowrance’s new “Structure Scan” operates on the HDS platform that worked so well for us last year and offers both side-scan and down-scan capabilities. This new system is going to be a valuable tool for locating schools of salmon, baitfish, and bottomfish and halibut-holding habitat in our waters. Expect to see more about this system on our Fishing Reports page during the summer and over on my blog on The Outdoor Line website.

New Passenger Van

New Prince of Wales Sportfishing Passenger Van for 2010

We’ve added a new passenger van to the fleet this summer. Watch for the white Prince of Wales Sportfishing van on your arrival day in Craig, Alaska.

Purchase Your Alaska Fishing License Online

CLICK HERE to apply for your Alaska fishing license before you arrive for your trip with us in Craig this summer. It’s quick and easy and if you apply early ADFG will mail your license to you well in advance of your trip.
Prime Dates Still Available
We’ve still got a handful of prime-time king and silver salmon dates available throughout the summer. Give Rob a call at 888-943-4746 to inquire about available dates or email him at

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* King Salmon Showing in Craig!

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2009 Cancellations:

August 22-26, 8 Seats-Polar Bear/Capt. Rob Endsley, Sea Hunt/Capt. Kim McCarthy  

July 4-8, 4 Seats-Sea Hunt/Capt. Kim McCarthy

Call Rob Endsley at 888-943-4746 or email for info on these great fishing dates and package specials.

After two years of below-average king salmon fishing in the Craig area it’s hard not to get excited about the upcoming season.  Reports like “it’s wide open” and “quite a few king salmon around” have been few and far between during the pre-season for, well, too long.  With a Chinook Abundance Index of 1.33 and a relaxing of regulations to allow the harvest of 3 kings by non-resident anglers it appears as though we’re headed into a great summer for salmon fishing!

Bon with a 46 pound Craig, Alaska king salmon from 2008!  We're hoping to see more king salmon like this in 2009.

Bon with a 46 pound Craig, Alaska king salmon from 2008! We're hoping to see more king salmon like this in 2009.

Improved ocean conditions don’t just help the king salmon, silver and pink salmon numbers are also benefitting from a cooler ocean and more plentiful bait, with those runs expected to be up considerably this summer in Southeast Alaska.  It’ll be bid-ness as usual for silver salmon this summer, with a 6 fish per day limit.  It sounds like a good time to be dropping a herring over the side in Craig!

Sunny skies and silver salmon!

Sunny skies and silver salmon!

No more tears!

Other good news is the addition of a trophy ling cod to the non-resident bag limit.  The 30″ to 35″ slot limit will be retained, but now if you happen to catch a gator over 55″ you can keep it as part of your one ling limit.  No more tears as that giant ling swims back into the depths!

The only bit of somewhat bad news is the reduction in the halibut limit from two per day to one per day.  What this amounts to is the elimination of a halibut under 32″ from the bag limit and about 6 pounds of halibut fillets, or even less if you keep a small chicken halibut.  The bummer about this deal is that is doesn’t put more fish in the ocean, it simply re-allocates them over to the commercial sector.  For more information on this log onto and snoop around the website.  A lawsuit is pending on this issue.

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