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* End of June Fishing Report

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It’s been a while since our last report but it’s not because we haven’t been busy. In fact that’s exactly what’s kept me from posting more often. We’ve been posting almost daily to the Prince of Wales Sportfishing Facebook page though. If you’d give us a follow on Facebook we’d certainly appreciate it.

The king fishing in June definitely wasn’t as automatic as we’ve had the past couple years here in Craig. On my boat I’ve been switching between trolling and mooching on a daily basis to produce kings. When the kings are spread out as they have been it’s tough to beat trolling. Either flashers and hoochie’s or whole herring have been the ticket and of course when we’re mooching it’s all about cut plug herring.

With the Chinook limit dropping from two per day to one per day on July 1st I’ll probably be pulling the Cannon downriggers off the boat at least for a while. With silvers showing up and some really nice kings hitting the kelp I can’t see myself trolling much for the remainder of the summer.

Speaking of big kings there’s been some dandies around this past week. 14 year old Austin Bunting had a 50 plus pound Chinook nearly to the net on Capt. Howie’s boat a couple of days ago only to have a massive bull sea lion swoop in and steal his fish. Heartbreaking but also quite exciting. There’s been a few other fish in the 50 pound range caught around Noyes Island and a few more in the 40 pound class. July is when the big boys show up here and I’m excited to see what the next month has in store for us in the way of trophy king salmon.

Silvers are just now starting to hit the outside and a few schools have already made their way into the islands. Catching silvers on the mooching gear is a total blast and we’re looking forward to that fishery heating up real soon also.

Here’s a few photos from the last couple of weeks of king salmon fishing here in Craig.

The guys from Lowrance electronics were here and had a great trip!

Ren Martin with a 32 pound king salmon.

Bob Keller with a nice halibut that barely made it under the 42″ slot limit.

Happy 4th of July to everyone and good fishing to you!

Rob Endsley

Prince of Wales Sportfishing


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* Revving Up the P.O.W.H.A.!

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The POWHA, or the Prince of Wales Hatchery Association, is the salmon hatchery located on the Klawock River near the small town of Klawock on Prince of Wales Island. This hatchery produces an astounding 5 million coho and 300,000 Chinook annually which makes it the largest sport-producing hatchery in the State of Alaska. The POWHA is largely funded by sportfishing interests.

Unlike most hatcheries that are operated by a State or Federal agency the POWHA is a non-profit 401C corporation that derives all of its operational income from state loans, cost recovery, and contributions. A small group of individuals in the Craig/Klawock area work their tails off to keep this hatchery operational every year and the economic impact this one privately-operated hatchery has in Southeast Alaska is astounding.

Here’s some statistics that may surprise you:

-Alaska Department of Fish and Game attributes 30% of all coho’s caught in Southeast Alaska in 2013 to the POWHA

-90% of all the coho caught in the Craig area by both sport and commercial fisherman are from the POWHA

The POWHA had very inconsistent coho returns until the board of directors decided in 2009 to make a change of management and staff. They brought in an experienced hatchery manager with a history of turning hatcheries around and they also implemented a Chinook program which now contributes to an early season king salmon run in the Craig/Klawock area. The huge coho run of 2013 was a direct result of these changes in leadership and hatchery management.

The POWHA needs your help though. State loans and cost recovery only bring in a portion of the income needed to keep the POWHA up and running. Money from derby ticket sales, the yearly Craig/Klawock Salmon Derby banquet, and direct contributions are needed to provide the additional funds necessary to keep the lights on at this vitally important hatchery.

If we want to keep the POWHA operating and continue to see spectacular fishing in the Craig/Klawock area we’ve got to step up. Funds are running short and there’s a chance the POWHA will have to close it’s spillway and quit planting salmon altogether.

We’re going to be asking all of our guests in 2014 to purchase derby tickets that help fund the POWHA. Tickets are $35 per person and there’s a May/June derby and  July/August derby. First place in either derby pays out $2,000, second place $1,000, and third place $500. Your derby ticket also enters you to win the jackpot of $10,000 at the annual Craig/Klawock Salmon Derby raffle at the end of summer. Best of all…you don’t need to be present to win. That jackpot would buy a lot of fishing trips!

It seems like every summer one of our guests catches a king salmon that would qualify for some cashola in the Craig/Klawock Salmon Derby, yet we haven’t done a good job of informing our guests of the derby tickets. Placing in the derby is definitely fun, but the real fun is knowing that your donation will help keep the POWHA operational so you can enjoy excellent fishing in the Craig/Klawock area for years to come.

If you’d like to make a direct donation to the POWHA please call 907-755-2231 or purchase your 2014 derby ticket when you see us this summer. Thanks a bunch everyone and we look forward to seeing you this summer!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

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* Great Fishing and Great Weather!

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The title of this post says it all. We’ve been blessed with some totally awesome fishing here this past week and the weather hasn’t let us down either. This summer is off to a great start!

Here’s a guy you’ve seen here quite a few times before. It’s Craig Kvam with yet another beautiful king salmon!

There’s been quite a few silvers around already, as well. This is a 17 pounder that Joe Williams caught fishing with Capt. Rafael a couple of days ago. Unreal to see a silver of this size this early in the season.

It’s always neat to see how far your king salmon will run on the line counter. This one burned off 460 feet of line before it ran out of gas.

Here’s Jeff “Buckethead” Bailey with his 44 1/2″ halibut that weighed 41 pounds. This one just made it under the 45″ slot.

The offshore bottomfishing has been awesome when we’ve gone out there. Here’s a huge ling cod that decided to hitch a ride to the surface on a sea bass. We already had our limit of lings and after some encouragement this big mamma drifted back into the depths.

Team “Slice and Dice” (Tim, Katie, and Maggie) with some nice kings from the other day. They do a great job of filleting and packaging our guests fish while they’re here in Craig.

Don’t forget Shannon…she’s also part of Team “Slice and Dice”!

The outlook for the weather looks great for another few days and we don’t see any reason why the great fishing won’t continue. There’s plenty of kings and silvers out there that are willing to chomp on a cut plug herring. Life is good!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Charters

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* August 4th, 2012 Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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I’m back for a quick August 4th check-in from Craig, Alaska. Silver fishing has been excellent here since my last report and we’re getting limits daily. It’s nice to see some of the silvers moving into the islands now so we can hide from poor ocean conditions when they arise. Our guests have noticed that our silvers seem to be a little bit bigger this season than in years past. Regardless…it’s fun to have great fishing right now!

King salmon fishing is petering out here, but the kings that are out there lately have been on the enormous side. Bill Vernon from Yakima, Washington landed the 46 pound king salmon in the photo below while fishing on my boat a few days back. The big king took us into the rocks, kelp, and 13 feet of water before charging back out into the open water where we could land it. A couple of Waterfall boats were kind enough to reel in their lines so we could land this big king salmon. Thank you very much guys!

There’s been at least one or two king salmon over 50 pounds being caught out on the ocean almost daily and that’s been going on for a couple of weeks now. One of the captains over at Shelter Cove Lodge (Aaron) has gotten his guests into king salmon of 51 pounds and 57 pounds in the last few days. The last one took the lady one and a half hours to land. Yes…a lady caught it. They have all the luck!

Here’s Mike Coleman with the 34 pound king salmon he caught with us several days ago. It was on top of the Yaki-Vegas king salmon derby pool until Bill Vernon knocked it off with his 46 pound king salmon. Bill was welcomed back in town with a ticker tape parade, party poppers, Roman candles, and cake and ice cream : )

Jim Marshall grabbed this hefty 30 pound Chinook while fishing with Capt. Troy Thain yesterday. His good friend Chris Miles was kind enough to help him hold the fish up. Plenty of laughs when these guys are in town and oh man the food is good. Chris owns Cookin-On-Wood in Phoenix and cooks up the grub for many of the professional baseball teams with facilities in Arizona. His cookin’ is to die for!

Yet another halibut enchilada feed down at Man Town last night with over 30 people attending this fun night down on the dock. The guests from Prince of Wales Sportfishing, Tranquil Charters, and Forget-Me-Not Charters raised $850 last night to help fund the Craig High School wrestling team this coming season. You’ve all raised $2850 this summer and I hope to continue raising much needed funds for these great kids, and of course coach Troy Thain. A huge THANK YOU to all of you that have donated to his worthy cause!

That’s all for now everyone…good fishing to you!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing

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* July 29th Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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Limits of both king and silver salmon were easy to come by here up until about three or four days ago in Craig, Alaska. Fishing is still good for both…just not the stupid salmon action that’s been spoiling us most of the summer.

Our guests that spend some time targetting king salmon are finding limits on a near daily basis and we’ve had 42 and 48 pound king salmon hit the dock this past week. The silver salmon fishing remains what I would call decent, with the four boats in our small fleet getting anywhere from a half a limit per day to full limits. It seems like few of the hatchery silvers are pushing into the islands from the Klawock Hatchery and hopefully that run continues to build. There seems to be a little gap in the silver run right now and we’re all hopeful that another push will come in headed for the hatchery.

We’ve been blasting offshore to catch our limits of chicken halibut and picking up a few nice sea bass, yelloweye, and ling cod while we’re out there. The pipe jigs that dad and I made two years ago continue to produce the most halibut bites of anything we drop over the side. The things really work!

Here’s Lester Surgener from Bakersfield, CA with his 48 pound king salmon from last week. He caught it with Capt. Kim aboard the Sea Hunt. Kim has been on a king salmon tear lately!

My dad, John Endsley, and his buddies Frank, Joe, and Paul with a limit of nice king salmon from the last day of their trip (yesterday). It’s sure nice to fish with pops and the rest of the guys up here in Alaska!

Here’s a great link to a weather cam here in Craig…courtesy of Nancie and Ron Wilder who visited us in early July.

Craig, Alaska Weather Cam

Sorry…no new videos to upload with all this rain and wind we’ve been experiencing lately. It looks like the weather is going to calm down in a couple of days and I’ll bust out the GoPro camera again when it does.

Good fishing!

Captain Rob Endsley
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Charters

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* Great fishing continues in Southeast Alaska!

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King salmon fishing continues to be decent here in Craig and the silver numbers continue to build here.  The begginning of last week we were seeing 6 to 10 cohos a day and now the numbers are double that and we’ve had two full boat limits hit our dock the last two days.  The two biggest kings to hit our dock this week are a 36 pounder by Paul Becker of Victoria, BC and a 34 pounder by Dan Shaw of Chimacum, WA.  I’d post some pics of these great fish, but my camera went kapute a few days ago and erased all the pics off of my disk.  Moisture and technology just don’t mix!

The bay we’re fishing is absolutely loaded with bait and with that come the whales.  A couple of days ago we had two big humpback whales come up next to the boat as we were landing a king salmon in the ocean.  Best part is that Dave Allan got it all on video! 

Halibut fishing remains strong for chicken halibut and we’ve been hammering the salmon program so hard all day that none of us have spent much time poking around looking for big halibut.  Yesterday we limited the boat on chicken halibut in less than ten minutes and then went back to salmon fishing…fast action!  The new pipe jigs dad made up for me this summer have been lights out.  Two pounds of copper and lead with a 12/0 Mustad treble and a hoochie skirt over the hook.  Ling cod, yelloweye, and halibut can’t leave’em alone! 

A couple of pics courtesy of Kevin Kent, who just departed on this mornings float plane out of Craig.

Kevin with a typical 18 pound feeder king

A great batch of fish for mid-June!

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* Come by and say hello!

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I’ll be speaking at the following clubs and events in the next couple of months if you want to swing by and say hello.  Nicole will also be on hand at the weekend events to answer questions. 

February 10th, Tacoma Puget Sounds Anglers, 7:00 p.m. at the Tacoma Outboard Association

February 18th, Bellingham Puget Sound Anglers, 7:00 p.m. at Nicki’s Bella Marina Restaurant in Squalicum Harbor

March 7th and 8th, Cabelas Captains Weekend, 10:30 to 5:30, Lacey, WA Cabela’s retail store

March 21st, Viking Marine and Tackle Spring Salmon Clinic, Marysville, WA 9 am to 3 pm

March 28th and 29th, Anacortes Salmon Derby, Team Lowrance, Anacortes Washington

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The launch sequence for blast off to the Hinterland has started. Sunday morning the Charter Wagon will be headed out of dodge with the Polar Bear in tow. I could have shipped the boat north along with the new travel trailer, but the little bit of savings by towing it north will help keep us from having to institute a fuel surcharge this summer. This summer every little bit is going to count with fuel prices going thru the roof.

Here’s how the drive works:
Bellingham to Prince Rupert-961 Miles
Alaska Marine Highway, Prince Rupert to Ketchikan, 6 hours
Ketchikan to Prince of Wales Island, 3 hours
Hollis to Craig, 35 miles


Aside from a few whoop-dee-doos and potholes along the journey, it’s fairly easy driving all the way thru BC. The scenery from Prince George to Prince Rupert is to die for and it’s hard to keep the rig between the lines there’s so much incredible scenery to look at. Hopefully I’ll be able to snap some pictures along the way to highlight just how spectacular northern BC really is.

I’m towing roughly 8500 pounds with a tired old 99 Suburban with a 350 under the hood, that’s a 5.7 litre for the non motorheads in the group. The new power package from 4 Wheel Parts is going to help a bunch, however, and I’m confident that the trip will happen without a hitch (knock on wood). The Wagon has vinyl seats, manual windows, and is as simple a machine as you can find. Half the power door locks don’t work and sometimes you can start it without the key…the perfect Alaskan Charter Wagon!

Loaded into the Charter Wagon is a coolor full of food and beverages and I’ll stop at the border to pick up some Macanudo cigars to help get thru the boredom. The Sirius cranks out a combination of Raw Dog Comedy, Classic Rewind, Octane, Prime Country, 90’s Alternative, Some 80’s Butt Rock Station, Bloomberg Radio, and whatever else I can find to pass the hours.

Only 327 things to do before departure Sunday morning, so I better git while the gitt’ns good. More later


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* 28′ North River

Posted on May 14th, 2008 by . Filed under Uncategorized .

Made the long ass drive to Themiddleofnowhere-burg, Oregon early this week to pick the new Alaskan office. In testing on the local lake we got the boat up to 45 mph at 5900 rmps and it’s looking like we’ll be able to cruise at 28 to 30 mph at 4500 rpms depending upon the load. The Hewescraft served me extremely well, but this boat is a league of it’s own.

The North River has as spacious deck with ample for four anglers, a comfortable heated cabin, porta-potti, and state of the art electronics.  Very much looking forward to fishing out of this boat.

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