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* July 11th Southeast Alaska Fishing Report

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King salmon fishing has remained very good here in Craig, Alaska this past week and the silver salmon fishing seems to be getting a little better with every day. Most of the really good fishing has been occurring outside of Noyes Island and a few fish are coming out of the islands. Spotty weather kept us off the ocean earlier last week and once we got back out there we found plenty of king salmon biting. Rumors of a few king salmon in the 30’s and 40’s from yesterday and I’m sure it won’t be long before someone bags up a big bruiser in the 50 plus pound range out there.

Here’s Nancie Wilder and husband Ron with her low 20’s king salmon from last week. Most of the king salmon here have been running in the 15 to 25 pound range lately. These fish will tear you up on light mooching tackle. Fun stuff!

Dave Allan was lucky enough to bag this 36 1/2 inch halibut on the last day of his trip here in Craig. The Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife requires all halibut over 37 inches be released aboard charter vessels in Southeast Alaska this year. Hopefully these regulations will help to rebuild the halibut stocks.  Legal halibut have been easy to come by this summer.

Brothers Dave and Greg caught ling cod that were identical twins measuring 39 1/2 inches. They had a $20 bet on the biggest bottomfish and it would have been a tie but Greg’s fish gacked up a good sized rockfish just before we weighed them. Dave’s fish weighed 22 pounds and Greg’s weighed 21 1/2 pound after losing the rockfish. One of several funny stories on this trip and thankfully this one didn’t involve me : )

And here’s a couple more Alaskan salmon fishing videos recorded with the GoPro video camera I have mounted on the charter boat. It’s raw unedited video and you just never know what might happen when I turn the camera on:

Mooching for King Salmon in Southeast Alaska

Salmon Fishing in Craig, Alaska

Looking forward to more great fishing here in Craig this coming week. We’re looking for that first big push of silvers any day now!

Captain Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing

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* King Salmon Fishing Remains Strong!

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The numbers of king salmon seem to have fallen slightly here this past week from the wide open action we had in early June. Overall the king salmon fishing remains very strong here now though and fish are spread out in quite a few areas.  The weather and ocean conditions has been nothing short of spectacular!

Mike Campbell from Lowrance electronics scored this 44 pound Chinook a few days ago aboard the Polar Bear. It’s the biggest king we’ve seen so far, though we’ve heard of at least king larger. Nice work Mike!

Bob DeLong and gang experienced flat calm seas and great fishing the last three days. We got on some good king bites and picked up easy limits of legal chicken halibut offshore every day. Looking forward to seeing Mike, Jeff, Jim, and Bob again next year!

Captain Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

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* June 6th Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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My apologies for not getting a report up sooner. We don’t have internet service yet and won’t have it for another week or so.

King salmon fishing has been nothing short of spectacular here in Craig, Alaska for the past couple of weeks. We’ve been having so much fun mooching cut plug herring that we haven’t even broken out the new Cannon downriggers yet!

Here’s a few pics from the last week of fishing:

Jim “Bucket” Heins with a mid-30’s “Tyree” that he released. The Canucks have Tyee’s…we have “Tyree’s”

Michael Parker with one of the typical king salmon we’ve been seeing here lately.

David Garst and Madeline Mair from West Virginia with a pair of king salmon. West Virginia…thus the “Tyree”…I like it!

Parker with a beauty of a king salmon

Jim with our first silver of the summer.

Here’s a couple of killer trip reports from forums in the Pacific Northwest!

The Outdoor Line

Piscatorial Pursuits

Thanks for checking in and don’t forget to give us a shout at 888-943-4746 to plan your Alaskan king salmon fishing vacation!

Captain Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing

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* July 28th Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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Then they were gone! We had a great week prior to our last report, with quite a few salmon around to bend rods and then in the matter of a few tides they vanished. Since then we’ve been working very hard for 6 to 10 silvers and a king salmon or two per boat per day. Not the end of the world…but definitely not the sizzling hot action that we all hope for when our customers show up here in Craig, Alaska.

Many of the large power trollers here in Craig have been having good success 15 to 20 miles offshore, with rumors of 100 to as many as 300 silvers per day with king salmon mixed in. Then a week ago they were seven miles offshore and just two days ago most of the troll fleet was working within sight of St. Joseph Island just north of Noyes Island.

You can bet these guys aren’t going around in circles out there for their health. The fish that we’ve been holding our breath for seem to be headed this way and we saw the first good king salmon bite in nearly a month yesterday just inside the ocean. Along with the king salmon came a few ocean silvers in the low teens, the kind that engulf a cut plug and hit the air before you even know what’s going on. Hopefully the vanguard of a big push of salmon heading this way!

As is always the case here, you just never know what’s going to happen when you drop a cut plug herring into the depths. Ty Beaudry isn’t a stranger to fishing in Craig and had a morning to remember on the first day of his group’s trip here recently, hammering a 46 pound king within the first five minutes of fishing with Capt. Kim McCarthy on the Sea Hunt. After landing his huge king salmon they spun around and nailed a 38 pounder on the next drift. How’s that for the start to an Alaskan fishing trip!

Ty with his 46 pound king salmon caught in Craig, Alaska.

When the ocean’s cooperated we’ve had no trouble at all grabbing limits of chicken halibut from 15 to 35 pounds, as well as sea bass, yelloweye rockfish, and various other “cellar dwellars”. Getting the ocean to cooperate, however, has been a little challenging lately. With the Puget Sound in Washington now closed to all bottomfishing below 120 feet it sure gives us a new level of respect for our bottomfish species here in Southeast Alaska.

Capt. Rob Endsley

Prince of Wales Sportfishing

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* Humpback Whales Photos

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We came across this humpback whale a couple days ago that put on quite the show for us here in the islands West of Craig, Alaska. It breached, tail slapped, and slapped it’s giant flukes on the water for over 30 minutes. Here’s a few of the better photos. It was early in the morning and pouring down rain when I took these and you can see the rain squall in the background. Pretty amazing!

Rob Endsley

Prince of Wales Sportfishing

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* June 28th Craig, Alaska King Salmon Report

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June 28th Craig, Alaska King Salmon Report

King salmon fishing here in Craig, Alaska has been consistent for those willing to put in the time. A week and a half ago we were getting our limits of king salmon before noon and now we’re having to put in some long hours to come up with our fish every day.

There have been some monster king salmon out there, however, as you can see from the photo of Craig Kvam’s 44 pound king below he caught with us several days ago. We’ve had reports of at least one king salmon being caught over 60 pounds and several more in the 50 pound class. With fish like that swimming around out there it’s not hard to get motivated!

We’re seeing the numbers of silver salmon slowly pick up on the ocean and yesterday we ran into two very large schools of silvers on the way home at the end of the day. Many of us are thinking that July and August are going to be outstanding for silvers.

Most of our time lately has been spent chasing big king salmon and we really have devoted a lot of time to pursuing halibut. Chicken halibut between 15 and 25 pounds have been the norm for most of our king salmon fisherman this month, as well as a mixed bag of ling cod, yelloweye, and black seabass.

Here’s a smattering of fishing photos from the last couple of weeks of king salmon fishing here in Craig.

Rob Tobeck with the 30 pound king salmon he caught near Pineapple Rock

Eric Vanhofwegen hooked up on this 24 pound king after we marked a school of king salmon on the Lowrance broadband sonar

Eric Libolt and the Vanhofwegens with limits of king salmon and yelloweye from the ocean

Another great day for the Vanhofwegens, limiting on king salmon to 26 pounds

Bill, Deborah, and Scott with some Pacific chrome

Craig Kvam and the biggest king of his lifetime, a whopping 44 pounder

Slice and Dice comfirms that it’s a white king

Sally was MIA for a picture with her 27 pound king salmon, so good husband Craig jumped in there with Tim for quick photo

A little incentive for our last group here at Prince of Wales Sportfishing…prizes for the biggest king salmon and halibut of the trip. Craig Kvam went home with an Abu Garcia 6000 line counter reel for his 44 pound king salmon and Chuck Kaiser went back to Ohio with a Grunden’s Windjammer jacket for catching a 27 pound halibut on a salmon rod. He’s going to inform the folks back home that he’s now part of the Deadliest Catch television show!

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* The Saltwater Experience!

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A saltwater angling adventure in Southeast Alaska is perhaps is one of the most dynamic experiences one can enjoy in the outdoors. Five species of salmon, halibut, ling cod, and over 30 species of rockfish make the west side of Prince of Wales Island a very special place for wetting a line, but the experience doesn’t stop there. The fishing alone isn’t what makes this place so special, it’s the scenery, marine wildlife, the North Pacific’s rugged coastline, and the ever-changing tide and currents that swirl around hundreds of islands that really make Prince of Wales Island an exciting place to fish. Sharing this dynamic experience with close friends and family is what life in the outdoors is all about!

A picture is worth a thousand words! I can describe this experience a hundred different ways, but nothing highlights the saltwater experience better than a photo.  These photos and more are available on the Prince of Wales Sportfishing Photo Gallery page.

We’re hosting all of our Southeast Alaska fishing videos over on The Outdoor Line video page. Check’em out when you get a chance!

Preseason scouting turned up this mid-30’s Chinook for Jim “Bucket” Heins. A better king salmon run than 2008??? You bet it was!

Pre-season scouting turned up this mid-30's Chinook for Jim "Bucket" Heins. A better king salmon run than 2008, you bet it was!

The sweetest lady on Planet Earth, Diana Rumley, bags her first Chinook ever. After a 30 minute battle-royale she landed this 42 pound Chinook!

From the sweetest lady ever to salmon slayer extraordinaire. Tim Linderman with a mid-30’s King on one of those mornings at Cape Ulitka.

You’ve heard that women catch more fish. Well, they do! Bob Say snaps a few photos of Danielle’s 37 pound beauty over on Capt. Kims boat.

A double on a king and silver, both in the upper teens, made this rodeo-bite a memorable experience for all of us! Lots of fun with Al and Julie again this year.

Mac’n Cheese, Top Ramen, and king salmon with a side of halibut. Food for college! I just found this pic from 2008 and couldn’t resist.

Tim “Slice and Dice” Koentopp prepares to slice and dice a thousand pounds of halibut. If you’re into halibut check out these great halibut fishing vids, “Al Sloka’s Halibut” & “Pipe Jig Hammers Halibut”

Those big halibut aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Deb Adams lifts this great-eating chicken halibut for a quick photo off St. Johns Island. We catch plenty of these halibut throughout the summer!

The Marshall gang shows us how to have some fun back at the pier. Chris Miles, owner of Cookin’ on Wood in Phoenix, Arizona (and a POW Sportfishing pro-staffer) whips up a mean mess of grub every night on the dock.

Just another day in paradise! Robert Aguilera lands another fat coho while a humpback whale breaches in the background.

“Quck, everybody grab a fish for a picture before the rain hits!” The Hine gang from Bakersfield with a very quick dock shot before heading for cover. Yes, it rains in Southeast Alaska!

Pete Rathwell with our biggest silver of the summer on the last trip of the summer. A 17 pound brute from Black Rock near Warren Island.

Rick shows some variety with a yelloweye rockfish from an offshore ocean pinnacle.

Ling cod numbers continue to build off the coast providing some pretty wide-open action in 2009. Here’s Robert with a keeper-sized ling caught on a pipe jig. A couple of ling cod videos worth checking out, “No Mas!” & “Ling bites it’s own tail”

A massive school of baitfish slides under the Polar Bear with a wide open coho bite following shortly thereafter.

Capt. Troy hauls a nice halibut aboard the Makai for the Preddy gang from Texas.

A little silver chaos for the Beaudry gang over on Capt. Kims boat. These guys brought 30 pounds of Kobe beef for our evening barbecues on the pier!

One bite of burrito, one chug of salsa! Nothing like a little hair of the dog in the morning.

It wouldn’t be a Southeast Alaskan experience without the humpback whales. A few photos from Rob Endsley’s collection.

From Capt. Rob Endsley, Nicole Huggins, and the great people we work with in Craig, Alaska we sincerely hope you’ll join Prince of Wales Sportfishing for another great summer of fishing and adventure in 2010!

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* Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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I’ve been sitting here for the last ten minutes trying to come up with something snappy for a title and it just isn’t coming to me.  All I could come up with is “Craig, Alaska Report”, which will work just fine.  Two months of sleep deprivation and long days on the ocean have pretty much eliminated all the fluff.  Fish, eat, sleep…in that order!

In this business people always ask “how’s the fishing?”  My response lately has been “pretty good”, which translates to not slow, not white hot, but somewhere in the middle.  “Somewhere in the middle” is darned good by many people standards.  Our guests have been in some white hot coho bites this past week and there have been days where we’ve had to scratch around to find them, getting limits on most days and close to it on the other days.  There continues to be some enormous king salmon around and if guests want to sacrifice a few silvers to target these fish I’m all for it!  Most of the action lately has been occurring on the north end of Noyes Island at places like the “Tree Hole”, Cape Ulitka, St. Joseph Island, and down the outside coast of Noyes.  The inside fishery is starting to pick up, as well, and with an afternoon charter today we plan on scoping many of the areas close to town.

Halibut fishing has remained solid and we’ve had halibut to 135 pounds this past week and several more in the 90 pound range.  And the “Semi” drift kicks out chicken halibut in short order whenever the need arises.  Dad just hand delivered another case of 16 oz. pipe jigs that will be put to good use here shortly now that we’re coming down off these huge tides.  

Jim Murphy joined the Bakersfield gang this year for the first time and walked away with their group halibut jackpot with this 92 pounder.  After buying drinks for the group with the prize money, however, I’m pretty sure he ended up in the red : )

Frank Reed, Mr. Perma-Grin, with his 135 pound halibut.

Joe, Frank, “Tuna”, and dad with a limit of fat silver salmon, chicken halibut, and a nice king salmon.  “Tuna” will be sending us some interesting downloads for our Icom radios.  You all thought our scramblers were annoying : )

I’m sure TSA had a field day with this box of pipe jigs

Humpback whales have been in our waters in big numbers and the killer whales have also been making an almost daily appearance. 

Capt. Rob Endsley

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* July 16th Fishing Report

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Nothing like a total computer crash in the middle of summer to keep things interesting.  Luckily I was able to send the toasted computer and a brand new one to a friend, Michael Parker, in Seattle who transferred everything over for us and got it shipped right back.  Thank you for the help Mike!

Fishing has been a far sight better than last season and the weather here in Craig has also been darned pleasent.  We’re hitting anywhere from 10 silvers per boat a day to full limits and every day and every tide seems to be different.  The king salmon fishing has also yo-yo’d up and down quite a bit, but there have been some huge king salmon hitting the docks here in Craig lately and when you hook up you just never know how big a king it will be.  Our boats have had quite a few in the mid 30’s, one in the low 40’s, and we’ve heard of at least half a dozen over 50 pounds and a few more over 60 pounds.  That’s right…60 pounds!  The leader in the Craig Derby right now is a 60 pounder. 

While there’s no shortage of chicken halibut around we really haven’t had many big halibut this summer.  Calm seas the last two days allowed all three boats to roam offshore and we found plentiful ling cod and yelloweye but very few halibut of any size.  The nice thing about the chicken halibut, however, is that we can target salmon all morning and then grab a quick limit of these great eating fish on the way home. 

Tim Linderman with one of the two king salmon he caught over 30 pounds

Tim Linderman with one of the two king salmon he caught over 30 pounds

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* Here come the kings!

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Each and every day we’re seeing an improvement in the king salmon action here in Craig.  The key to success lately has been the “stick and stay” program and we’ve been sticking to a deep troll lane off of Baker Island that has been producing king salmon all day long.  We’re mooching in anywhere from 200 to 240 feet of water and the bites are occurring anywhere from 30 feet deep to right on the bottom.  Paul’s big 36 pound hawg was caught just off the bottom today in 210 feet of water and shortly after landing that one we doubled up on king salmon in the low 20’s at 80 feet.  The beauty of mooching is that we can cover it all!

The silver salmon are also making an excellent early showing and with this many fish around now I can only imagine how the fishing will be in July.  Our cohos have been running anywhere from 4 to 8 pounds and I’ve heard of a couple of bigger fish already.  A nice bonus to the king salmon this time of year!

Trust me…I know how hard it can be to not set the hook immediately when a fish grabs your bait on the drop.  Click the reel into gear and reel, reel, reel like son of a gun until the line comes tight…then reel, reel, reel some more to get it even tighter…then set the hook once the fish is already on and peeling line.  Sounds easy doesn’t it!  Fish that hit a mooched bait on the drop are the hottest fish in the ocean, yet they can be the toughest fish to hook because the insulation usually melts off the wires and the fuses blow the second the bait goes “thunk” and the brain says “SET THE HOOK DUMMY!” 

Paul’s arms are about tuckered out after the fight on this 36 pound king salmon.  At one point the line counter read 360 feet…that’s when we decided to chase it : )


The doctors, Barry, Bruce, Bon, and Paul with an early limit of 16 to 36 pound king salmon on a glassy Pacific Ocean. 


Rob Endsley


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