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* June 28th – Hot King Salmon Fishing Continues in Craig

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The king salmon insanity here in Craig, Alaska has continued for the last few days with easy limits coming every day. We had limits of silvers one day and near limits two of the days. The silvers have been averaging around 5 to 6 pounds, but we did get into some larger silvers out in the ocean yesterday. The king salmon have been averaging between 15 and 25 pounds and there’s lots of them. All in all it’s been some awesome fishing for the month of June.

Here’s Barry, Bon, Bruce, and Paul with their limits of king salmon, silver salmon, halibut, and an assortment of bottomfish from day one of their trip.

The guys with another limit of chunky king salmon. King salmon fishing has been W.F.O. to say the least!

The forecast calls for a little wind the next few days, but nothing that we can’t fish in. Looking forward to seeing some our usual suspects at the airport in Klawock this afternoon. Off we go again!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Charters

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* -August 2nd Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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This report is a few days late because on our last turnaround day I layed on my back most of the day, recoupering from 3 gale force winds in 9 days. During that 9 day stretch we had three gales well over 30 knots, 5 days over 20 knots, and one day of 15 knots. The last three days have been downright pleasent, however, and Capt. Rob is alive and kicking again. The rough weather didn’t keeping us from catching fish, as we have the boats and equipment to get the job done in just about anything Mother Nature can throw at us.The silver fishing has been very good for a couple of weeks now, but it really busted wide open during our last rotation. On the last afternoon with the Fowler gang from Bellingham we dropped into a kelp patch without a soul in sight and it was wide open chaos on fat cohos to 15 pounds. The fish were hovering in 40 to 50 feet of water and all four rods would light off the second we reached the ledge that was holding gobs of bait and a horde of silvers.

On this last rotation we had coho chaos every day on both Kim’s boat and my own. Yesterday we were drifting over a huge school and I just told the guys, Hang On! The guys baits were below the school, which was holding 25 feet deep, but with the line counter reels they quickly adjusted and WHAMO! All four rods went berserk, Richards rod pulled directly under the boat as his fish shot the wrong direction and right into a line on the other side of the boat and the two back rods were immediately tangled. Of the four fish hooked two were landed and who knows what happened to the other two. This is kind of how it went every day…good clean fun!

Jim Wilson from Georgia had the lucky rod yesterday, releasing a chrome chinook of about 25 pounds and another in the low 30’s. Jim was all smiles, but he and Denny, both from Georgia, just couldn’t figure out why the fish needed to be released. Releasing Chinook and huge ling cod “just ain’t right”.

Halibut fishing has remained rock solid and it seems like we get big fish every day. During one of the gales last week Kim managed to fish the ocean for a couple of hours one morning, getting Mark Yuasa into a 155 pound halibut. Mark was here to do a story for the Seattle Times, which should appear sometime in August. Dave Vedder was also on board, enjoying the good fishing and the even better weather. On board the Polar Bear we’ve had halibut over 90 pound three of the last four days.

With the weather looking like it’s going to hold for another week, or so, we’re hopeful the fishing will even get better. Yesterday while we halibut fished offshore I gawked at the sonar, which was picking up school after school of silvers. I don’t think we’ve even seen “Wide Open” yet!



[Click here for August 2nd photos]

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* June 14th Report

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Greetings from Craig, Alaska! After five days of scouting and breaking in the new boat with buddies the real fishing starts tomorrow. Overall the fishing here in Craig has been darned slow thus far this season, but we’ve managed to find kings every time we’ve tried to find them. It’s been a stick-and-stay-and-make-em-pay program thus far. Once you find bait or mark fish you had better grind it out until they bite.
There have been a few big kings weighed in lately, with a 57 coming in three days ago and a 42 hitting our dock two days ago. The king report also sounds decent from up in Sitka and those fish will slide this way any day now. The water here in Craig is 48 degrees and it’s normally in the mid 50’s this time of year. Perhaps the cold water has something to do with the lack of bait and kings here lately. No need to talk about the technique we use to catch salmon here in Craig, as all we do is mooch here.

Halibut fishing has also been a little scratchy here lately. There are a ton of chicken halibut around, however, and the bigger halibut should come in out of the deeps anytime now. The halibut fishing is not unusual for this time of year and it should get better as the month goes on, with bigger halibut coming in as the month progresses. We’ve been picking up most of our halibut jigging with 16 oz. jigheads and an 8″ Berkley Gulp Grub tipped with a piece of salmon belly strip. Another killer has been a 16 oz. Mudraker mondo drop shot rig, with a three foot piece of 150 leader and a 10/0 Siwash hook attached at the top of the leader with a Berkley Grub. 9 times out of 10 the halibut have hit the grub at the top of the leader.

Crappy weather has plagued the fleet here the last couple of days, keeping boats out of the most productive areas. The weather report looks favorable for the next few days, however, which will allow the Craig fleet to disperse and find fish:

Dixon Entrance to Cape Decision- 400 am ADT Sat Jun 14 2008
.Today…S wind 20 kt diminishing in the afternoon. Seas 5 ft. Intermittent rain. .Tonight…S wind 15 kt. Seas 5 ft. Intermittent rain. .Sun…S wind 15 kt. Seas 5 ft. .Sun night…Se wind 15 kt. Seas 4 ft. .Mon…E wind 15 kt. Seas 4 ft. .Tue…NE wind 15 kt. Seas 3 ft. .Wed…NE wind 10 kt. Seas 3 ft.
Here’s a few pics to wet the whistle:


Capt. Kim with the first king of the season

Capt. Kim with the first king of the season



Fred and Scott doubled up in these kings

Fred and Scott doubled up in these kingsSteve takes a pot of fresh crab from the cooker on the dock


Steve takes fresh crab from the cooker on the dock

Steve takes fresh crab from the cooker on the dock

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