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* Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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It’s been a while since my last report but it’s not because fishing hasn’t been great. Fishing has been outstanding since my last report and we’ve had a lot of happy customers leave Craig since then.

The silver fishing has been excellent with myself and the rest of the boats we run with getting limits on a daily basis and there’s been plenty of kings around for the last month. Most days if you target kings you can put a limit of them in the boat. It’s August 4th today and both myself and our guests aboard the Makai had limits of kings, silvers, and halibut. Just when things seem to be getting a little on the scratchy side a new batch of fish washes in, which is a good thing!

We’ve mostly been fishing the outside of Noyes Island with a few forays to northern waters and some fishing inside the islands. Overall the fishing has been great this entire summer!

Here’s a few pics for you…

Pappa John Endsley with a nice 41 inch ling cod that hit one of his famous pipe jigs.

A shot of a halibut tornado at one of our halibut spots offshore. Kinda hard to miss when there’s that many fish down there!

Joe Raniero was just here and landed this nice 26 pound king salmon aboard the Makai with Capt. Troy.

Nancie Wilder caught this beautiful 43 pound king salmon with Capt. Rob on the Polar Bear. Nice fish Nancie!

Ron and Nancie Wilder with a couple of yelloweye rockfish that they caught while they were here.

Rob Dieda landed this great 43 1/2 inch halibut that just snuck under the 44 inch slot limit for halibut. We’ve had quite a few nice keepers right at the lower limit for halibut…and of course some over the limit that we’ve released. All in all halibut fishing has been excellent this summer in our waters!

The salmon and halibut fishing continues to be great here and I’ll post another report when we come back up for air again. Thanks for stopping by folks!

Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

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* June 23, 2012 Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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We just came off three days of stunning weather here in Craig with high’s in the 70’s and 80’s the last couple of days. The warm weather heated up the fishing also as more king salmon and silver salmon poured into some of the ocean drifts. We haven’t seen all that many large kings yet…most of them so far have been in the 15 to 25 pound range.

Here’s Bruce Stevenson and Barry Browns with B’s 25 pound chrome king salmon he caught a few days back off the west side of Baker Island.

Barry again with a 44 1/2 inch halibut that just made it under the legal 45″ slot limit. Halibut fishing has been lights out for nice chicken halibut at a couple of the offshore halibut haunts as long as we can get there.

The coho seemed to like the hot weather here also, as a bunch of them showed up offshore today. Pauly, Bruce, Barry, and Bon landed 15 cohos today between catching kings and halibut. That’s a welcome sight this early in the season!

Capt. Kim McCarthy on the Sea Hunt took his crew offshore a few days back in search of toothy critters and man did they find them. His crew caught and released lingcod all morning on salmon gear until they had four hogzilla lings very close to the 45″ limit.

Looks like rain is on the way again here, but we’re used to that. I’ll post some more fishing photos in a few days. Fish on!

Capt. Rob Endsley
Prince of Wales Sportfishing
Craig, Alaska Salmon and Halibut Charters

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* August 15th Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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Our guests have experienced mostly sunny skies and flat calm seas here for the past week. If only that would last another week, as it looks like the rain and wind are descending upon us again here in Craig. With plenty of islands to hide behind I’m sure we’ll find a kelp bed or three to hunker down next to. The furnaces are fueled up on the boats and we’re ready to roll!

Fishing has been great for silvers and we’re still picking up a few king salmon in the mix. Keeper size chicken halibut have been easy to come by and so have slot limit ling cod, yelloweye, and black sea bass. Calm seas definitely help in that department! With 8 to 10 foot seas forecast for our next group arriving this afternoon we will likely have to work a lot harder for bottomfish.

Here’s Trent, Eric, Trevor, and Eric from Lynden, WA with a fine catch of silvers, halibut, sea bass, and a keeper ling cod from a few days ago.

Big Mike caught this 30# yelloweye rockfish on a pipe jig while working a rockpile in search of ling cod a couple days back. It’s easily the biggest yelloweye I’ve ever seen.

Barry Dikeman caught this 250 pound-ish halibut while aboard the Makai with Capt. Troy Thain. We’ve had at least half a dozen more large halibut in the 70 to 250 pound range released between the Sea Hunt, Makai, and Polar Bear this past week.

I’ve always posted these fishing reports to give upcoming customers a hint of what’s in store for them on their upcoming trip and to let prospective customers know that we’re still kicking here in Craig. I only with I had more time to post more photos and videos here, as I know all of you enjoy seeing your photos here. I’ve been recording quite a few more GoPro videos and will upload them as I have time towards the end of the season. Just three more groups and we’ll be done here in Craig. My how this incredible fishing season has flown by!

Until next week…good fishing!

Capt. Rob Endsley
Craig Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charters

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* August 27th Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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My big, fancy Nikon camera went kapuuut shortly after our last report on August 5th. I’ve taken a few shots since with a Nikon Coolpix and luckily we’ve gotten some additional awesome shots from guests to use here.

Our August salmon fishery has been about as goofy as it gets. One day we’re on the silvers and doing well and the next they are few and far between. Luckily we got a good shot of king salmon in the middle of August to keep us going.

The Ram Construction group that joins us every year had some exceptional king salmon fishing offshore during their stay here the first week of August. A calm ocean allowed us to roam around and we had some great fishing, with limits of king salmon to 27 pounds and some decent coho action mixed in.

Ram’s owner, Mike Hammes, snapped up the 200 pound halibut in the photo below on a 16 ounce glow-in-the-dark scampi tail jig. The battle was a total rodeo and lasted nearly an hour. It was Mike’s biggest halibut to date and he grabbed the Ram halibut jackpot that usually belongs to Stu Heaton. Good times!

The Candini’s were the next to join us and they jumped right in with some wide open king salmon action on their first morning. We tripled up on big Chinook immediately, losing one of them after a brief battle and getting solid hooks into the other two. While those two fish were screaming around the bay Chris kept bombing bait at the school and missing bites. He did everything text book and they just wouldn’t stick. No biggy!

Finally I had to spin the boat around to keep one of the fish from running into the kelp and we lost the school. After a great battle Jerry and Milo landed their kings, 27 and 39 pounders. I had some great photos of their kings, but unfortunately they went bye-bye when my camera went down. Sorry guys!

We slid offshore in the fog and Chris drove the hook home on a 20 pound king salmon within five minutes. The bite was on and we were getting bit repeatedly, but the combination of a six foot swell and pea soup fog drove us back into calmer waters. No problemo…we managed to grab a quick limit of chicken halibut on the way in. Below is a photo of Milo with the 30 pound chicken halibut he caught on an 18 ounce pipe jig tipped with salmon belly. He’s always smilin’…

The Kvam’s and the Quades were on tap next and got to experience some outstanding salmon action. We hit Hole in the Wall on their first morning and caught four or five coho before Sally hooked into a 30 pound king salmon. She landed the fish after a great battle under sunny skies. After the bite died we diddled around at Roller Bay, hooking a handful of fat silvers, a bunch of sea bass, and a limit of halibut.

The ocean was relatively flat the next day, so we blasted well offshore to an area another charter captain said was holding a good mess of silver salmon. We were the only boat in the area and it didn’t take long to find the fish. We hooked around 30 silvers in two hours and landed half of them before the tide turned the bite off.

Amidst all the chaos Kathryn layed into a king salmon that ran off 400 feet of line out of the gate. We chased the fish on glassy calm seas and she landed it 25 minutes later, an identical 30 pound Chinook to Sally’s. This was Kathryn’s first time salmon fishing and well, she was hooked!

We ran back to this area again the next morning and the silvers were still jumping on like crazy. Our first drift produced twelve hookups and while we only landed four of them…who cares…we were having a ball! The schools would come and go and every other drift would produce wide open action with silvers running all over the place. Ms. Nicole also joined us for the day and when it was all said and done we landed 27 silvers and lost just about as many. Fun stuff!

On the way home we dropped on an offshore rockpile and cranked up a mess of ling cod on pipe jigs and scampi tails.

Sally’s 30 pound king salmon

Kathryn’s first king salmon is a 30 pound beauty!

We took some time to go cave-hopping while we were there, pulling the charter boat into two massive caves full of puffins and other nesting sea birds. Awesome!

Strong winds forced us inside the islands for a couple days on our last rotation of the summer, the Webb and Mihalic groups. Salmon fishing was slow, slow, slow and after several hours of “watching the paint dry” we decided to torment some sea bass and halibut.

The Webb group, fishing on the Polar Bear, got nice limits of sea bass and three of their four chicken halibut messing around in the islands. We ran back towards town at the end of the day to look for signs of salmon and after actually hooking up on two silvers Neal’s salmon rod doubles over with a huge halibut.

An hour and another rodeo later we landed the 160 pound beast and the guys were all smiles. In Alaska you just never know what’s going to happen!

Here’s Neal hooked up on yet another strange sea creature, this time a huge octopus.

Greg holds up the big yelloweye that he caught fishing aboard the Siketi with Capt. Mike Hailey. The guys had a great time fishing with Mike, catching a mixed bag of just about everything in the sea.

After four days aboard the Siketi with Capt. Mike I was lucky enough to take Greg, Tom, John, and Ted on my last charter of the summer. Nice group of guys from Colorado that fished with us for 5 days. Here’s Tom with his first saltwater king salmon.

Check out the teeth marks on Gregs silver salmon. All of our salmon on this particular day were gashed up with teeth marks…salmon sharks!

A few play days for us before we pack up everything and head back to Washington for the winter. Even though our fishing here in Craig, Alaska was a roller coaster ride this summer we still had a great time, had many memorable experiences, and look forward to seeing you all back here again sometime.

Rob Endsley

Prince of Wales Sportfishing

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* July 2nd King Salmon Fishing Report

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Fishing has been great here the last few days despite the opening of the power troll season. Our customers have caught a few limits of silver salmon already and we’ve had limits of king salmon on the Polar Bear and Sea Hunt just about every day. Halibut fishing has been great for chicken halibut from 15 to 30 pounds, but we’ve found very few of the larger halibut around thus far. Not a big problem for us, however, as most of our guests prefer the better-eating chicken halibut anyway.

Here’s a few pics from our last groups here in Craig, Alaska.

Will and the first king salmon he’s ever caught, a 35 pounder. He’s also the only person taller than me to ever fish on my boat.

Jim was too tuckered out to hold up his 38 pound king salmon for a picture. No problem at all…don’t have to ask me twice!

Craig’s 24 pound king salmon from Granite Point off Baker Island

Craig and the boys with their limit of king salmon, halibut, and a bunch of late June silver salmon.

Vince with a tiger rockfish. We catch a few of these a summer out there bottomfishing…pretty cool fish

The Morrow group fished on the Sea Hunt and hammered every day. Here they are with a whole bunch of fish.

Vince with a 10 pound silver salmon he caught with us on June 30th. The silver salmon are running big for this time of year.

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* 2010 Season Looking Good!

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Indicators Point Towards Strong Salmon Fishing in 2010!

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced a Chinook Abundance Index of 1.35 in late March, which translates to one Chinook per day and three in possesion for non-resident anglers in 2010. This number isn’t surprising, however, as ocean indicators have pointed towards very strong Chinook numbers up and down the north Pacific coast for 2010. That’s great news for all of you joining us this summer in Craig!

Eric with a fat king salmon he caught at the Tree Hole in late July
We’ve chimed about the new hatchery Chinook program in Craig for the last couple of years and we’re excited to see what this year brings. According to our calendar we should see the first return of adult king salmon back to the waters around Craig from this program in May and June.

Depending on how well these fish faired out in the big blue we could see approximately 10,000 more king salmon cruising our local king salmon haunts this summer. These fish come from a stock of king salmon that get as large as 65 pounds!

In addition to the prospect of great king salmon fishing in 2010 we’re also expecting a good “jag” of silver salmon into our waters this summer. Those same ocean conditions responsible for rebuilding the king salmon runs are also helping those fiesty silver salmon that make July and August so much fun.

Wild silver salmon stocks in SE Alaska are expected to fair well this summer and huge plants of coho the past few years by the Prince of Wales Hatchery Association (POWHA) should make for some “Wide-Open” action for silver’s in 2010.

The POWHA plants approximately 4.2 million silver salmon smolts, the largest silver salmon hatchery program in Alaska!

Halibut Limit the Same in 2010

I just got off the phone with Greg Williams from the International Pacific Halibut Commission and he assured me that our halibut limits would remain unchanged for 2010 in Southeast Alaska. That means a one fish per day limit with a fish of any size for our guests this summer.

Lowrance Structure Scan Added to “Polar Bear”

Screen shot from Lowrance Structure ScanUntil now side-scanning sonar was always reserved for the Navy, large commercial fishing vessels, and multi-million dollar yachts. Not any more!

Lowrance’s new “Structure Scan” operates on the HDS platform that worked so well for us last year and offers both side-scan and down-scan capabilities. This new system is going to be a valuable tool for locating schools of salmon, baitfish, and bottomfish and halibut-holding habitat in our waters. Expect to see more about this system on our Fishing Reports page during the summer and over on my blog on The Outdoor Line website.

New Passenger Van

New Prince of Wales Sportfishing Passenger Van for 2010

We’ve added a new passenger van to the fleet this summer. Watch for the white Prince of Wales Sportfishing van on your arrival day in Craig, Alaska.

Purchase Your Alaska Fishing License Online

CLICK HERE to apply for your Alaska fishing license before you arrive for your trip with us in Craig this summer. It’s quick and easy and if you apply early ADFG will mail your license to you well in advance of your trip.
Prime Dates Still Available
We’ve still got a handful of prime-time king and silver salmon dates available throughout the summer. Give Rob a call at 888-943-4746 to inquire about available dates or email him at

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* Craig, Alaska Fishing Report

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I’ve been sitting here for the last ten minutes trying to come up with something snappy for a title and it just isn’t coming to me.  All I could come up with is “Craig, Alaska Report”, which will work just fine.  Two months of sleep deprivation and long days on the ocean have pretty much eliminated all the fluff.  Fish, eat, sleep…in that order!

In this business people always ask “how’s the fishing?”  My response lately has been “pretty good”, which translates to not slow, not white hot, but somewhere in the middle.  “Somewhere in the middle” is darned good by many people standards.  Our guests have been in some white hot coho bites this past week and there have been days where we’ve had to scratch around to find them, getting limits on most days and close to it on the other days.  There continues to be some enormous king salmon around and if guests want to sacrifice a few silvers to target these fish I’m all for it!  Most of the action lately has been occurring on the north end of Noyes Island at places like the “Tree Hole”, Cape Ulitka, St. Joseph Island, and down the outside coast of Noyes.  The inside fishery is starting to pick up, as well, and with an afternoon charter today we plan on scoping many of the areas close to town.

Halibut fishing has remained solid and we’ve had halibut to 135 pounds this past week and several more in the 90 pound range.  And the “Semi” drift kicks out chicken halibut in short order whenever the need arises.  Dad just hand delivered another case of 16 oz. pipe jigs that will be put to good use here shortly now that we’re coming down off these huge tides.  

Jim Murphy joined the Bakersfield gang this year for the first time and walked away with their group halibut jackpot with this 92 pounder.  After buying drinks for the group with the prize money, however, I’m pretty sure he ended up in the red : )

Frank Reed, Mr. Perma-Grin, with his 135 pound halibut.

Joe, Frank, “Tuna”, and dad with a limit of fat silver salmon, chicken halibut, and a nice king salmon.  “Tuna” will be sending us some interesting downloads for our Icom radios.  You all thought our scramblers were annoying : )

I’m sure TSA had a field day with this box of pipe jigs

Humpback whales have been in our waters in big numbers and the killer whales have also been making an almost daily appearance. 

Capt. Rob Endsley

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* July 16th Fishing Report

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Nothing like a total computer crash in the middle of summer to keep things interesting.  Luckily I was able to send the toasted computer and a brand new one to a friend, Michael Parker, in Seattle who transferred everything over for us and got it shipped right back.  Thank you for the help Mike!

Fishing has been a far sight better than last season and the weather here in Craig has also been darned pleasent.  We’re hitting anywhere from 10 silvers per boat a day to full limits and every day and every tide seems to be different.  The king salmon fishing has also yo-yo’d up and down quite a bit, but there have been some huge king salmon hitting the docks here in Craig lately and when you hook up you just never know how big a king it will be.  Our boats have had quite a few in the mid 30’s, one in the low 40’s, and we’ve heard of at least half a dozen over 50 pounds and a few more over 60 pounds.  That’s right…60 pounds!  The leader in the Craig Derby right now is a 60 pounder. 

While there’s no shortage of chicken halibut around we really haven’t had many big halibut this summer.  Calm seas the last two days allowed all three boats to roam offshore and we found plentiful ling cod and yelloweye but very few halibut of any size.  The nice thing about the chicken halibut, however, is that we can target salmon all morning and then grab a quick limit of these great eating fish on the way home. 

Tim Linderman with one of the two king salmon he caught over 30 pounds

Tim Linderman with one of the two king salmon he caught over 30 pounds

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* Great fishing continues in Southeast Alaska!

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King salmon fishing continues to be decent here in Craig and the silver numbers continue to build here.  The begginning of last week we were seeing 6 to 10 cohos a day and now the numbers are double that and we’ve had two full boat limits hit our dock the last two days.  The two biggest kings to hit our dock this week are a 36 pounder by Paul Becker of Victoria, BC and a 34 pounder by Dan Shaw of Chimacum, WA.  I’d post some pics of these great fish, but my camera went kapute a few days ago and erased all the pics off of my disk.  Moisture and technology just don’t mix!

The bay we’re fishing is absolutely loaded with bait and with that come the whales.  A couple of days ago we had two big humpback whales come up next to the boat as we were landing a king salmon in the ocean.  Best part is that Dave Allan got it all on video! 

Halibut fishing remains strong for chicken halibut and we’ve been hammering the salmon program so hard all day that none of us have spent much time poking around looking for big halibut.  Yesterday we limited the boat on chicken halibut in less than ten minutes and then went back to salmon fishing…fast action!  The new pipe jigs dad made up for me this summer have been lights out.  Two pounds of copper and lead with a 12/0 Mustad treble and a hoochie skirt over the hook.  Ling cod, yelloweye, and halibut can’t leave’em alone! 

A couple of pics courtesy of Kevin Kent, who just departed on this mornings float plane out of Craig.

Kevin with a typical 18 pound feeder king

A great batch of fish for mid-June!

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* King Salmon Showing in Craig!

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2009 Cancellations:

August 22-26, 8 Seats-Polar Bear/Capt. Rob Endsley, Sea Hunt/Capt. Kim McCarthy  

July 4-8, 4 Seats-Sea Hunt/Capt. Kim McCarthy

Call Rob Endsley at 888-943-4746 or email for info on these great fishing dates and package specials.

After two years of below-average king salmon fishing in the Craig area it’s hard not to get excited about the upcoming season.  Reports like “it’s wide open” and “quite a few king salmon around” have been few and far between during the pre-season for, well, too long.  With a Chinook Abundance Index of 1.33 and a relaxing of regulations to allow the harvest of 3 kings by non-resident anglers it appears as though we’re headed into a great summer for salmon fishing!

Bon with a 46 pound Craig, Alaska king salmon from 2008!  We're hoping to see more king salmon like this in 2009.

Bon with a 46 pound Craig, Alaska king salmon from 2008! We're hoping to see more king salmon like this in 2009.

Improved ocean conditions don’t just help the king salmon, silver and pink salmon numbers are also benefitting from a cooler ocean and more plentiful bait, with those runs expected to be up considerably this summer in Southeast Alaska.  It’ll be bid-ness as usual for silver salmon this summer, with a 6 fish per day limit.  It sounds like a good time to be dropping a herring over the side in Craig!

Sunny skies and silver salmon!

Sunny skies and silver salmon!

No more tears!

Other good news is the addition of a trophy ling cod to the non-resident bag limit.  The 30″ to 35″ slot limit will be retained, but now if you happen to catch a gator over 55″ you can keep it as part of your one ling limit.  No more tears as that giant ling swims back into the depths!

The only bit of somewhat bad news is the reduction in the halibut limit from two per day to one per day.  What this amounts to is the elimination of a halibut under 32″ from the bag limit and about 6 pounds of halibut fillets, or even less if you keep a small chicken halibut.  The bummer about this deal is that is doesn’t put more fish in the ocean, it simply re-allocates them over to the commercial sector.  For more information on this log onto and snoop around the website.  A lawsuit is pending on this issue.

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