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Craig is on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska, near KetchikanIn sportfishing location is half the battle!

Craig, Alaska is perched within striking distance of some of the richest waters in all of Southeast Alaska. Upwelling currents off the west side of Prince of Wales Island bring a constant stream of nutrients to the oceans surface, which in turn means a plentiful supply of baitfish that keeps salmon here in numbers throughout the summer months.

Craig is located right on the salmon highway and all 5 species of salmon make an appearance here throughout the summer. It's the incredible numbers of king and silver salmon that feed in these waters from June thru the end of August that's the real draw. Large schools of king and silver salmon hit the feeding grounds here in the summer to gorge on baitfish in preparation for their journey home. Drift mooching with cut plug herring over these schools of actively feeding salmon is a thrill that you won't soon forget.

In addition to great numbers of salmon, the waters around Craig, Alaska are also teaming with halibut. We typically target eating-size halibut from 15 to 40 pounds, but much bigger halibut are available should a guest decide to test their strength against one of these giant flatfish.

One thing that set's Craig apart from other charter fishing destinations in Southeast Alaska is that anglers have a choice between the wide open waters of the rugged North Pacific, or the calm and protected waters provided by the labyrinth of islands that separate Craig from the open ocean.  On days when the ocean may be uncomfortable there are plenty of places to fish within the islands.



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