Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the weather like in Craig, Alaska? The weather in Craig during the summer months is somewhat unpredictable. Daytime temperatures generally range in the 50’s and 60’s and expect to
    see sunny days and rainy days during your stay. Dressing in layers works great and allows you to add or remove clothing as the weather changes. Dress is casual and we recommend t-shirts, a
    hooded sweatshirt, jacket, walking shoes, jeans, and a hat.
  • Is there cell service in Craig? Yes there is cell service in Craig and depending on your provider you may get cell service a short distance into the islands.
  • Should we bring our own rain gear? We provide rain gear and boots but you’re welcome to bring your own gear and boots if you’d like.
  • What luggage should I bring? We recommend packing your personal belongings in a carry-on bag to reduce the cost of checked-luggage on your way home, as you will also be
    checking a fish box or two on the way home. There are laundry facilities available at every lodging facility that we use.
  • Do I need to bring a cooler for my fish? All of your fish will be filleted, vacuum-packed, frozen, and packed into 50-pound fish boxes for your flight home. You will take these with you and check
    them as “checked luggage” on your flight home.
  • How Many People Fish on the Boat? We only fish four to a boat and every boat has adequate seating for travel and fishing space on deck for four guests.
  • What is the toilet arrangement on the boat? Each boat has a porta-potti onboard and the guys typically use the “pee-bucket”.
  • Is there cell service in Craig? Yes there is cell service here and while most providers work here the best all-around service for data and emails is AT&T. Cell service cuts off a short distance from the dock and is not available in the islands.
  • What’s the best remedy for seasickness? After many years of experience we’ve found that the Patch (Scopolomine) is the best remedy for seasickness followed by Bonine and Dramamine. A good nights sleep helps also. If you’re prone to seasickness consult with your doctor prior to making the trip.
  • What flight service do we take to Prince of Wales Island? All of our guests fly to and from the island on Island Air Express. Island Air operates a fleet of Cessna Caravan aircraft that are instrument-rated. The flight is typically between 25 and 45 minutes depending on visibility and weather. We will be at Klawock Airport to pick you up when you arrive.
  • What Fishing License Do I need? Anyone over the age of 16 needs to carry a valid Alaska fishing license and if you plan to fish for king salmon you will also need a King Salmon Stamp. We highly recommend purchasing your fishing license and king salmon stamp online before you arrive to speed up your check-in time. If you don’t access to a computer we’re happy to sell you a license up arrival. Youth’s 15 and under get a free license in Alaska and we have a license card for them.
  • How do I get my fish home? Your fish will be filleted and vacuum sealed in fish bags, then placed in 50 pound waxed fish boxes for your flight home. Your fish boxes will be labeled with your name, address, and phone number and you will check them as checked-luggage on your flight home.
  • Tipping: Tipping is not required but is greatly appreciated by all the staff that work with us. To offer you some frame of reference: 10% of the cost of the trip distributed amongst all the Frontier staff (guides, cooks, shuttle drivers, housekeepers, and fish processors) makes a good tip for all. You can choose the amounts each person gets via envelopes that are provided or you can instruct the hostess to divide and distribute it. (use our tipping guideline)

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