Salmon and Halibut Recipes

Now that you’ve got your fresh Alaskan salmon, halibut, and bottomfish you may be wondering what recipe to use to cook up that fresh Alaskan fish. Here are some great fish recipes that we think you’ll really enjoy and an awesome margarita recipe to wash it down with.

The best salmon, halibut, white fish, and steamer clam recipes!

How to Smoke Salmon
Robbo’s Halibut Burrito’s
Smokey Sweet Salmon Rub
Pairing Wine with Seafood
Spicy Salmon Sandwiches
Simple Salmon
The World’s Best Steamer Clams
Endsley Family Salmon Cakes
Thain’s Smoked Salmon Spread
Alaskan Halibut Enchiladas
Joe’s Prince of Wales Margarita Mix
The Wilder’s Smoked Salmon DipNEW

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