Joe’s Prince of Wales Margarita Mix
by Rob Endsley/
Prince of Wales Sportfishing

Each and every summer we’re blessed with a group we call the”Marshall Gang!” One of the esteemed members of this great group is a fellow named “Uncle Joe” that spends his evenings crafting some of the best margarita’s this side of Ketchikan. After many years and countlessmargaritas I finally co-erced Uncle Joe into giving up the secret recipe for these great after-fishing party drinks.

Prince of Wales Margarita Mix

1 part Tequila
1 part Cuantro
1 part Triple Sec
1/2 part Grand Marnier
Roses Sweet Lime Juice-Cap Full
Jose Cuervo Margi-Mix-3 1/2 parts
Wedge of Lime
Wedge of Orange
Wet the top of the cup with orange and dip in salt
Fill w/ice
Pour over ice


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